Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Such pretty lashes!!

After just reading Mitsu's post about Gilfy make up and nails.
I have to  post that I am smitten with these lashes!

To be honest ,other people have blogged before about other Shu Uemura lashes and I've never thought I'd like to own those,but these ones are so cute.Love the purple and the stars !
However I will have to wait until I go to London as thats the closest place for me to get them:(

Not much else to blog about really,I'm still in the process of sorting my bedroom out  and waiting for my shopping service deliveryXD

Other than that just working and sleeping mostly,I think I've got the winter blues:(
Hopefully though that'll be cured by going to Leicester to see the bf and all my uni friends for a short but very packed weekend of good food,good company and a chance to visit Zara!!!!(its been too long) XD

I will resist (or try to) the lure of the MAC counter although I would like one or two of their eyeshadows, I'm currently trying to save so I purchase some NARS products to add to my pitiful collection of ....1 eyeshadow!!:S. not much of a collection eh!It is a gorgeous eyeshadow thou,CanCan
I'm  soo tempted at the moment by the Sheer Glow Foundation especially after reading rave reviews of it...however it is about £30!!!!!(TAT) one day maybe

I'd love to get some of their duo eyeshadows and maybe try out the cult favourite orgasm and deep throat blushers XD aswell.

I've not really been lusting after much make up recently,other than the YSL lipsticks previously posted .Im only really interested in NARS ,few items from MAC,few from Urban decay and the candy doll lipglosses. :O


  1. Those are such pretty lashes *_* I'm tempted to buy some myself.

  2. Those lashes are really amazing~ I'm so sure you can rock them well! ;)
    Good luck resisting make shopping this weekend too, haha~

  3. Whoa those are gorgeous!! They really have stars on them!? DO WANT!!

    I think the winter blues are nipping at my heels too! I'm trying to outrun it but I can sorta feel it taking over.

    OH! I was lusting over some lovely ysl shades last weekend! i had to put them down & exit the store before I caved into buying them!

  4. I love those lashes too! I wouldn't want to wear them because they are sooo cute!

  5. i love those lashes!! they are so cute!
    i have to buy new eyelashes because the glue has finished...¬¬



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