Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Intensely bright make up ,anyone?

Bit of a different post today,althought I actually wrote this out on Monday my computer crashed and I had to rewrite most of it TOT

So I completely forgot about this,but recently Shrinkle launched her make up brand Sugarpill.I was checking her blog for update and saw the site was up.



I was pretty excited about this brand anyways and after watching some reviews on youtube  I really want to try it  now:O It looks so awesome!I want one of the glittter stickers too:O

I suppose I don't seem the type to like bright make up but...

During my 6th form/A level years ( about 6 years agoTAT) I really got into bright make up and used to search the internet looking for inspiration and brands to try.So I'd tried what the uk had to offer except for some that where either too expensive at the time or where from a company that I knew the quality would be crappy.

To cut a long story short I began using theatrical make up as it was insanely bright.I ended up trying Kryolan which I brought from Shrinkle's ebay store  I was attrached to the brightness and her photos of her using them(shes so skilled!!).I do still use my Kryolan's if alittle negleated:O

Now to decided what I'd buy:O

I don't have many pinks in my collection however I don't often wear them either.

I'm always drawn to the purple first ,this one looks like a lovely blue based one which I am always hunting for!However I do own a few purple already:S
I have too many blues!Far too many.This is such a lovely looking blue though,fresh
Although I'm not really drawn to this green,its nice but I'd prefer the purple.I have hardly any green eyeshadows though.
I love silvers,this one looks gorgeous.
I don't own any golds,I usually shy away from them as I don't really like gold as a colour or even as jewelery.I wear silver,think it looks better on my skin.I am tempted by this though.

Which one do you think I should try?Which ones do you like?Are you into bright make up?
I'm leaning towards the green pressed shadow and either one of the loose shadows as I'd like to get one of each to compare:)

Just if anyones interested.heres a list of Companies that I know do bright make up.
(No pictures of me using my products as I can't seem to find my disk with my old make ups)


Barry-m~British made company (Have tried~Love)I've got a few of their Dazzledusts which are super bright:O as are their polishes.Affordable and good quality
(My dazzledusts forgot to photo my polishes~I have loads though)

Sleek~(have tried~like)They have a few bright products,i think some loose dust(?) some lippies ,and then the super neon ACID palette which is crazy bright though alittle chalky.


Stargazer~(haven't tried their eyeshadows but tried the polishes and lipsticks)Can't really comment on this brand as its been ages since I used it last.


Kryolan~(have tried~LOVE ITXD)I have 7 eyeshadow,2 aqua colours and a neon aqua colour palette which is UV reactive:D Althought admittedly alittle under used recently since my love of neutrals came about .They are amazing.RECOMMENED PLACE TO BUY:Shrinkle
(I had more that I thought:O)

Ben Nye~(have tried~LOVE ITXD)I have 3 of their Grande Lumiere eyeshadows as they where until recently abit difficult to get hold of. RECOMMENED PLACE TO BUY:UK  Screenface Rest of world:Not sure,sorry.
Sugar Pill~(haven't tried but would like toXD)The products on offer look good~matte bright coloursXD and the reviews look promising.

OCC/Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics~(haven't tried but would like to)I remember reading about this company months ago but kinda forgot them until Magdalena posted on her blog about their lip tars.

Medusa Make up~(haven't tried)Looks interesting.


MUFE~(haven't tried~would like)Extremely difficult to get here the UK.:(

Urban Decay ~(haven't tried~would like to)

Illamasqua  ~(haven't tried~would like to)

Some other companies that have brights~MAC,NARS,Anna Sui .I didn't really mention them becuase their more known.

I think I covered most if not all the companies,theres probably loads more stateside though:O

Sunday, 21 February 2010

My stupidity and wearing my Dollywink lashes.

Hmm you're probably wondering whats going on in this photo:S.....I am an idiot:(Earlier today I knock freshly boiled tea (!) and it went on my forearm and my thigh.
 I think that my pain threshold is quite high so it didn't hurt too much .I was more worried about it blistering and scarring tbh.So I  ran it under cold water  till it stop stinging and then covered it with bicarb paste as in  the above  photo and then smeared it with Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream.
So now it appears to be fine:)No blistering or stinging so far.I hate burns thou,their ugly and painful.

Any way onto my actual post.So I tried the Dollywinks~ cue photos of lashes applied to my grim end of day make up:O

With half lashes on top lid

with MAC #7

So far : I do like them but the band does appear to be alot thicker than my other lower lashes thus make it more noticeable as you can see in some of the photos.I like the shape of the lash bundles(that make sense?) so I think it makes them look quite natural which I 'd say fits their name "Real Nude"

I will do a review of them probably next week when I get my new camera and can play with them a little more

Yesterday I went to the pub for a friends Birthday.I hadn't seen alot of my friends for a while so it was lovely to catch up:)
It was a perfect opportunity for me to wear my new boots which received alot of compliments:)


Jeans~River Island(my perfect skinny jean)
Shoes~Venti Anni
Accessories~Blanco,Primark and Vivienne Westwood
I wanted to wear one of my WC hats but it didn't really go:(

and finally my cats likes to sit with me while I'm on the computer so I put a pillow there and she seems to like it even more:)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My package arrived!!Candydoll and Dollywink!

So about 2 posts back I mentioned I was waiting on a package,well today it arrived.Right when I'd given up on it turning up this week:O

So here it is...

Candydoll~Candy pink lipgloss and Dollywink No5 lashes from Ichibankao.

They also sent me a little hair product sample and a few leaflets which I found kinda interesting and sweet.

I wanted to try No1 and No5 lashes but could only really pick one for the time being.So I chose the lower lashes No5 as I have more top lashes that bottom lashes.I haven't tried them yet but they look promising and cute:)


Although I have a good selection of products to make nude or pink lips I brought this out of curiosity.


 Here it is with the rest of my nude and pink lip products i already have:) to give you an idea of the colour and how big it is.

I put it on about 3 hours ago and so far Im liking how moisturising it feels.

Will update when I've tried it for longer:)

WC updated their site:)

I noticed when I went to browse  the site today that they updated with some more of their spring line that Mitsu wrote about here:)
Specifically the tshirts,which is what I was waiting for them to post up.







I think this one below is my favourite but their all so cute:)



Few other new things they had up

Says Japan on the back of it.



Any favourites??

and then finally my current WC  lusts....ALL out of stock thou,trust me to like unobtainable items eh!
I wish the site would restock them:(

Love this!!Its so cute!!

Love these skirts,I like the shape of them.

Phone deco!!


  SOO cute!!!Also Out of Stock  thou TOT!!!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Update plus In and Out 4

 Just a general update with some news and other things.

1st~Himestyle's shop has opened!!XD If you unfamiliar with Himestyle,its the xanga blog of two American Gals,their shop doesn't currently have a lot in it but they're going to be adding more soon.Regardless of that I'm very excited that they have "Nature is lovely"Lashes,bring on pay day!!

On to In and Out 4




First up is Chinaglaze Calcium Gel Fortifier "For those who experience weak or splitting nails",ultimately I think that problems with your nails are diet related and that a good polish combined with an improved diet is a way for stronger and healthier nails  but just getting a super amazing polish to fix it all is  and not tackle the diet is going to leave you with  that same nail problem  as before but that's just my opinion.
For me ,my nails recently began peeling and splitting,which was quite disheartening as I like to have a decent lenght on my nails.I attributed my nails problems to my previously stated B vitamin deficiency(I don't eat alot of meat:O),so I started taking some supplements(which aren't a substituted for a good diet !) and increase my B vitamin rich foods.

I am rather happy with the outcome,I've tried a fair few products for making nails stronger (Sally Hansen,nailtiques~recommend but expensive:O,gel coats etc) and this one is one I think I'll buy again.I've only been using for about 2 weeks and persoanlly my nails are alot stronger now and the peeling is almost goneXD
This works for me but  what works for some might not work for others,so research and read lots of reviews before deciding to purchase products:)

Lush~Sugar Lip Scrub


I've been on the look out for a products to exfoliate my lips ,so I was very excited when I saw this on their site.
It comes in 3 varieties, Sweetlips(milk choc),Bubblegum and Mint Julips.
I'm really liking this products,its not to abrasive since you wouldn't want that as lips are sensitive and makes my lips very soft.
I brought the mint as I didn't like the smell of the other two,this one smells like After eights which I always loved as a child and mint choc is still one of my favourite flavours just a shame I can rarely eat it any more:(

One thing I don't like is the packaging,it can get alittle messy.I can't really think of a better way for them to package it though,maybe in a roller pen type thing?
However I will and have been using this before I applying my lipbalm and lipstick:) For me I don't think its overally expensive (at £4.50) since I've not really seen many Lip scrubs about tbh and it does what it says it will doXD


I am loving JELLY at the moment,after receiving my 1st copy of it. I'm seriously contemplating getting a subscription. I'm hooked!Well I was hooked before I got my copy but actually having it there in my hand has made me love it even more.It felt like I found something I liked on every page and the whole style of the magazine felt more fitted to me.I mean I really like Egg and Popteen but I can't see myself in the clothes tbh.


Hmm theres not really much out this week,no pictures either

Lack of Sleep
I suppose being woke up by my cat last night is definitely out.Shes cute in all but I have to work in the morning and she was just chirping and moving things around in my room in the middle of the night:S  Odd cat.

Waiting on post!

When I buy something online , I give it a longer amount of time then necessary for it to get here and when  it still hasn't arrived I get abit frustrated. So Im currently waiting on a package I brought,Im just hopeing it arrives soon before I've imploded with inpatients:O Though i suppose it will be an even nicer surprise when it does finally arrive XD

and still no camera!!:O

Its ok though as I've a little mantra to keep me going "just over a week until pay day" then I can buy a new camera and I will.I've been saying for the last 2 years(!!!) that I need to purchase a new camera.

On another note does anyone know it Mipo  has a new blog? Since she hasn't updated her old one since August last year.

and who are these girls??


Their so cute! and I love their style. 

and finally don't forget about the poll at the top of the page^ about what you'd like me to blog about:)

Monday, 15 February 2010

A piece of me ... in Febuary 2010!

Ohhh dear Im late with my "Pieces of me"this month .
 Go to Notes from the toothfairy's blog for more info on the game

This month....
I like:That spring and summer are around the corner,I want to make the most of the good weather and spend lots of time with my friends,have bbq's and go to the beachXD!!

I don't like:Having no long term goal.!!TOT
I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life and now I feel lost.I know for certain that I do not want to stay in my crappy town and work in retail for the rest of my life(while it works for some its not for me)Sometimes I feel like a big fish in a little pond,which would explain why I feel much happier in Leicester and even London(I love London).
Although everything I want to do is alot of money ,I know I could save for it ,I just don't know what I want any more.I defiantly want to travel,I've wanted to since early highschool,but I've noone to travel with,sure I could do it myself but it more fun to share the experience.
I just don't want to get to 30 ,having not done the things I wanted to.So I quess at the moment Im not very happy.

I want you to know:My blue mood wont last,I am a optimistic person,so it wont last .I just really need to redefine my goals.

I've planned: To achieve some of my short term goals this month and to stop being such a recluse.:O

I want to say to someone special: all my followers!It crept up on me that I have 53 followers:O(I ought to do a giveaway to celebrate)I never really thought I'd get 1 ,so Im very happy :)Thank you!! and any suggestions for improvement to  this blog would be greatly apprenticed XD

I've put a poll up:) at the top on the page. 
 NOTE: option "My everyday like" is suppose to be My everyday LIFE:O ohh typo

Shopping service buysXD wc,Glad News and Venti Anni plus a few Coordinates

On Friday my items that I brought using a shopping service arrived ,I oddly was expecting a bigger box no idea why:O
I used Treasure Japan after emailing a few to get quotes,I found them to be very professional and thorough.I wasn't as impressed with some of the others shopping services i emailed tbh.Treasure Japan stood out to me.

My whole transaction with them was easy and pleasant and I will defiantly use them againXD

Heres what I brought
Only 4 items


 Really good quality,not that I was excepting crap but Im very happy with these.
There so cute,and people keep asking me what it says which makes me laugh.

Came with a cute plastic bag tooXDSilly to be excited I know but you don't get stuff like that with Uk brands.

Glad News
 I originally was looking into buy a Gilfy top . I'm really happy with this thou ,since I was alittle worried about buying it as I'm a very tall gal(5'9).It fits me nicely thou,not too short or too tight:) as I had to be mindful of the chest dimensions aswell.Which is the reason why I had to refrain from buying the Gilfy top I was eyeing up.Didn't want to risk it.

Venti Anni 
 I originally wanted some other shoes but they sold out and then I found these.Love the style thou and the heel is better than the ones I originally wanted.

 Close ups:)


 Here are some potential coordinates with my new items with some old stuff I already had thrown together quickly and with no make up hence the heart faces:)
No comments about my poses,they where rushed as my sister camera is mega shit and consumes batteries like theres no tomorrow.
Personally I like to wear leggings or tights  with shorts and skirts and I would for all these except if it was summer.

Jeans:River Island

 Waist coat:Zara
Blazer:F+F(lol aka Tescos)

Boots:River Islands(can be seen clearer in "Im back" post)

 I omitted my face because I looked corpse like:O however here I am without make up!!:O
Haha actually Im pretty fine with going out sans the make up,my skins not perfect mind but I'm not overly bothered if Im seen without it. How does everyone else feel,You fine with leaving the house without make up?

I brought this blazer a couple of days ago ,though Im not 100% on it.I was looking for a light grey blazer since I'm massively addicted to my black one

Opinions?I like it but I wanted a lighter grey one.


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