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2nd of the 3 tutorials:False lashes

Lashes,its such a big subect where to start:o
Recent entries by other bloggers~
Mitsu talks about popular lashes in gal
Bloomzy compares Ardell's No7 lookielikes with a pair of cheaper ones
Jenny's Ebay lashes 
Mada's Tutorial 
Hana's Tutorial  
My old Tutorial that I'm updating today:)

I think you can never read too many tutorials:)
Disclaimer: I am not a professional nor do  I think I am the best at applying false lashes,it was a requested tutorial and I thought it may  be of some use to someone.All photos taken with my  lumix  by me.I was growing my brows out as well ,so excuse the stray hairs.
Finally ~ What may work for one person wont work for everyone,practice and see whats best for you.

Personally for gyaru styles I think lashes are a must.If your lucky enough to have super long lashes then you might be able to get away with not wearing any.There are a few models who occasionally don't wear lashes (i can think of Rumi)but you can always see their  natural lashes,so I suppose the key point there is if you decided not to wear them then you need your own natural lashes to make an impact with lashings of mascara and a heated eyelashes curler.
 For me,I love false lashes  when ever the opportunity arises I wear them.I like criss cross styles, MAC#7  and flutter styles.

My favourite top lashes are~MAC#7 thou i do like my cheaper(almost identical) eylure and ardell ones too:) and some crazy cheap criss cross ones
My favourite lower lashes are~Dollywink No5 Real nude and a pair I got from Screenface in London.

Glue recommendation~I only use Duo glue and I think I always will.I've never had any problems with it,its hold my lashes in place,doesn't smell so hot but well its latex ...thats too be expected. I do highly recommed it.UK~its sold at MAC counter or you can find it (cheaper) on ebay:)

I'd suggest buying the boxes of 10 lashes off ebay,as their a good way to practice.So cheap you don't have to worry about messing up:) Same for lower lashes,buy some from ebay to have a play around with before splashing the cash on a nice pair.While some cheaper ones might be alittle more awkward to place,the practice will be beneficial.
If you can afford it I love love my MAC's but the Ardell lookalikes are a good cheaper substitute:)

Types of lashes

Strip ~aka regular old lashes for your top lid,come in varity of styles,from day time styles/natural,evening/glam and dramatic/fantasy example

Accent/half ~like strip lashes only smaller,can be easier to put on then a full lashes,good for daytime when you want something subtle or for adding to a full pair to make them a little more special.  example

Individual ~usually in clump form with a flare to them,good for natural looks.  example

Lower/Bottom ~Come in varying styles,criss cross,natural,60's ish

I brought my dollywinks from Ichibankao   and more info on where to buy lower lashes in my gyaru make up products easily available in the UK post from January.

On to the tutorial

What I'm using~ tweezers,Duo glues in dark tone and clear ,lashes~ Eylure's Girls aloud Nicola for the top and Dollywink No5's for the lower

Before you begin,measure and cut your lashes.You want them to start from where your lashes start and end where yours end(for ageha styles or hime it'd be ok for them to extend beyond yours a little)
Trim from the outer adge,since most lashes are designed with shorter lash in the inner part and trimming these off will makes the lashes look odd.

1.You should start with your shadow and liner done(don't forget to tight line the top lid),then curl and add mascara to ONLY your top lashes(Curl before mascara as you don't want to break/damage your lashes)
Leave you lower lashes clear(I might have abit of mascara on my lowers here as these where done at the EOTD but yours should be clean)

2.Flex the lashes between your fore fingers and thumbs to make them easier to apply.
Then apply your glue,for tops I use my dark tone so I don't have to redo my liner,I apply straight from the tube(naughty!) If your a beginner or what more control ,apply with either a cocktail stick/cotton bud or by applying glue to the back of your hand and running the lash through it.
DON'T apply the glue straight to your eye lid.
Ideally you want to apply the thinnest amount of glue possible along the lash band paying special attention to the ends,its recommend that you let it dry for a few seconds but I've put it on without waiting before and it works fine for me.Just trail and error:)

3.To attach,take your tweezers and hold the lash in the middle of the band.Place the middle down first then press the inner part down and finally the outer.You want to aim for the lashes to sit where your natural lashes start( not too far into the corner otherwise it might look odd)
DON'T place the lashes on your real lashes as you'll rip them out when you remove it ,you want the lashes to sit just above them.
TIP:you can purchase an applicator from Sally's beauty that can help with placement,I used this in the beginning when I was first practicing applying lashes:)~example and example
Once the lashes are placed gently push them up and using your fingers push them into your lid to secure.

4.How the top lash should look on your lid,
I then take my heated Panasonic curler and blend my lashes with the false ones better:)Using a traditional curler will damage your false lashes and curl/bend them oddly I've found.

5.For the lower lashes ,I use clear glue and apply them a little lower than my actual lashes,this is why I didn't apply any mascara earlier,I didn't want my real lashes inferring with the overall look.Same principle applies to the lower as for the top in terms of applying ,middle then inner then outer,however since I've cut these in half(which makes it easier to apply and can give a more natural look) these ones are quite small  so it's not so much of an issue.
Once  placed  you  gently push the lashes up,I found with Dollywinks that its not as necessary as my other lower lashes,they sit better then most.

6.Finished look with mascara on only the inner lower lashes not the outer lower lashes.

I also put in my Geo Nudy browns~NOTE if wearing lenses put them in BEFORE your make up,I can't stress that enough.I've put mine in after here, as I wasn't wearing them out(only  for demonstration).I've seen far too many tutorials where they put the lenses in after the make up and this really isn't a good idea.You can get make up reside under your lens and irritate your eye.

Ageha style(sort of)
Thought I do a Ageha style tutorial ,however when you look at Ageha you'll notice there are lots of different personal style for the models they use.So I'd recommend using their tutorials to have a play and adapt a style to your own eye shape:)
This one is the old make up style I used to do when I was more into Ageha
1.Start with your top eyeliner done as I've mentioned  in my previous eyeliner tutorial and then take you eyeliner from the flick towards the inner eye leaving a small gap that gets smaller the further in you get.
Once again don't apply mascara to your lower lashes.

2.Now take a kohl/pencil liner and line less then half your water line.As I've mentioned before lining the whole thing  makes your eye look smaller.Where as the purpose of Ageha make up is to make the eyes big!
I've added some white on the rest of my waterline to make my eyes pop even more:)

3.Apply your lashes the same as above.Thicker ones work best for the top lash,you can layer them up aswell.I prefer more dramatic lower lashes for this look than in my normal false lash look.

For any more images of lashes feel free to click the "False lashes" and "lower lashes" tags in the tag box on the right or below.

Hope this was of some use :) and as always the biggest tip I can offer is to practice!! x

Saturday, 29 May 2010

This is forever's dollywink giveaway and Moments like Diamond's Giveaway

There some awesome giveaways happening at the moment,if you've not seen already
 Thiswasforever has an amazing Dollywink lashes and eyeliner giveaway going:O ~Here

Sara Mari has her bad blogger giveaway (:O im a bad blogger too)~ Here

and then finally if you haven't already feel free to enter my giveaway :D

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Finally Im posting up my giveaway,I've had the items and images for about a week now.Just hadn't got round to posting yet.

Coincidentally I've also reached 100 followers!!:O Thank you!!I never really thought I'd get 1 let alone 100XD

2 Barry-M polishes ~1 from the recent ice cream collection-berry and the other from the main collection -bright pink

Girls with Attitude lashes~Purple accent lashes (look alittle like Shu Uemura lashs I've seen)

2 face masks~Original Mudd and Montagne Jeunesse Fudge Sauna

Bath salts~I think its cherry blossom/Sakura judging from the image:)

3 Sally bright eye shadows because I did that post before about brights:D


1.You have to be a follower(look to the side bar on the right to follow)
2. Comment with your email :D 

The closing date is 3rd June

Edit:winner will be picked by a random number generator:)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Shopping service goods and my trip to London

I ache:( but it was worth it.Yesterday I bit the bullet and returned to athletics after a 5year break:O
Needless to say i am mega rusty at it hence the ache-ness today(and cos i didn't warm up properly~fail!)

Back in high school I loved doing athletics,come the summer it was what i looked forward to so im glad to be resuming it.
I started yesterday on the high jump and got  positive feedbackXD  the jist being ~Im rusty but good(well for someone who hasn't done it for such a long time) unfortunately I can't for the life of me remember any of my personal bests (pb)ToT
1m20 keeps popping up in my memories thou,so i know I've jumped that before just can't remember if it was my pb or not:s
Anyways yesterday I could jump up to 1m20 but could quite clear 1m20:( well the trainer said i was clearing it but was jumping too soon and consequently coming down on the bar:(
In long jump I managed to jump 2m90 both amounts are nothing to brag about but its an achievement to me because i haven't done either of them for such a long time.

So enough sports talk what else....
I still hate my job even more so now my boss changed my hours.Went to London 2 weekends ago to see my friend.Still trying to keep up with commenting and blogging.Recieved my shopping service order today:D

So on to my order from Japan....

 Here a silent video of the opening of the box(just because i thought it might be abit more interesting than just photos) suppose it does show you though how the shopping service i use pack their parcels:) I use Treasure-Japan

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
WC Skirt and "I want to become a scientist" tshirt.

I brought the black skirt despite reallly wanting the white one and Mitsu also suggesting the white.If i'd brought the white,i know what would have happened
It would have been ruined within the hour:(

Im pretty happy with it all,
WC good are a good quality fabric and make:)Tshirt fits me fine despite me being a uk10/12.Skirt is alittle on the short side which was to be expected as  i am 5'9 :O
Can't decide if the skirt is almost scandalous or just short,the back is verging on O_o!!

The gilfyx Jelly mag and goods.
The mag is awesome if abit oddly big:S oh well looks nice on my bookshelf i guess.
Hat is well made especially for a freebie.
I love the eco bag!!It an ideal size and the print is simple but cute,thou i can't see the straps withstanding too much weight.

So my trip to London just consisted of  wondering around camden markets(as i haven't been there for a very long time) and having an cheap but lovely day with my friend who i've not seen since before Xmas:O
We chatted,wondered,brought japanese alcopops and cake to eat and search endlessly for a working cash machine!!:O All in all a good dayXD
There was this awesome shop near piccadilly where you could paint your own elephant,so wished it hadn't been a sunday and we'd had more time.Cos i really wanted to paint an elephant:D

Speaking of elephants,there where lots of elephants around central London

This one was my fave:D

Also wondered passed Liberty(love Liberty ,the building ,their fabrics XD) Liberty bike anyone??yes please.I love the shape and patterns.
From a japanese cat mag....hahah dressed up cat

Brought the most amazing cakes from China town(strawberry one is for me and the choco one i brought to bring home for my sister)

Stocked up on ramen and brought some random drinks,had them all before but its nice to have something other than water sometimes:)

yay tights!even better stirrup tights:D

  Thursday I took advantage of Superdrugs current 3 for 2 on skincare and brought a new moisturiers,hand moisturiser and St Ives warming scrubs(i am loving there new elements range:D)

Make up for Thursday evening out:D

I wore this dress I got earlier in the week,I love the pattern on the skirt part and it feels so summery:D

Make up from a few weeks back,thou its not overall different form the above make up just the lashes....can you tell im loving my nudy brown lenses??:Dhaha

So back to yesterday I ran into my local TKMaxx to grab some jogging bottoms for athletics and saw they had some ardell lashes in:D and luckily found some demi pixies Mac#7 lookalike lashes.
Unluckily the jogging bottoms did not fit at all and i had to wear my old ones which despite being fresh out of the wash had cat hairs on????:S

On that note I'll finish with my cat who's taken up residence in the box my wc stuff arrived in


EDIT:I forgot to say thank you to Hana of Finding Tokyo for solving the who's blog is this issue I had a couple of entries back:D
It was From Tokyo with love the blog I couldn't remember:D

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Update:New nail varnishes

I really should stop making post and then saving them because when I come to post them ,the dates and timeframes are all wrong and i have to re word them anyways:(
 Seeing Mitsu's post on nails trends recently reminded me that i hadn't posted this yet:O(it also makes me want to start experimenting with my nails again:O)

Couple of weekends ago I received my nail varnishes from  enchantedbeautyspot at ebay which I ordered a while ago but thanks to the ash cloud hadn't received until recently.

The Friday before  I hunted downs Barry-M's ice cream nail varnish range,and I picked up Blueberry and Berry ice cream:D
Blueberry for me and Berry for my up coming giveaway:D

I fell out of the habit of doing my nail:( and with my job I don't actually think I'm allowed to have them painted but i do anyways because I like having them painted more than i like my job besides noone's said anything yet.
 Here's some recent nails~just colour nothing else
Barry-M's Blueberry
Lovely colour,goood coverage and good price

Essie~Tart deco
Love this one,Its the exact same shade of coral i used in my final major project last year.
Downside is it doesn't mix well with a top coat.It turned the polish a weird orange colour instead of the gorgeous coral it comes out as.Thus its a polish to wear without top coat which makes its more prone to chips:(
 Barry-M~Fushia 272
 I think this is an advertisementc  for not applying polish in low lighting conditions:O

  My newest polish Barry-m~Strawberry ice ream<3 this one

Current polish collection
 I did not know I owned so many pinks:O odd seeing as purple is my favouirte colour:S
Also instersting to see what my brand habits are.
Clearly I love Barry-M~its good quality for the price though some of them require more coats than others and they also have a very good range of colours:)

I prefer OPI and Chinaglaze for longer lasting polishes:)
My one and only Mavala polish is missing from this photos:S I love it thought,its the perfect blue based purple and has outstanding lasting and coverage.Definitely need to buy more mavala polishesXD

Also finally got around to buying a new make up bag,since my one is far too small for my daily make up

BB photo spam again

End of April I took a day trip to Norwich to see my old house mate and decided to buy a face mask from Lush and the lovely sales girl gave me the other one for free as it was nearing the end of it shelf life and because she was nice:D
Also picked up some trainers for High jump unfortunately for my friend who wanted me to join the gym their not running shoes thou:O
The day after(Sunday) my friend and I went for are usual end of month coffee at our local costa only to discover it was closed .Thus ending with us going for coffee at Sandringham,:Dawww look at the cute stuffed corgis:D

Brought my 1st Elle in a long while and was disappointed "beauty special"?? ehh no

began doing a continuous line drawing a day(hence the scruffy appearence) I can draw neatly but i prefer it looking alittle more messy:) and abstract
Returned home after a trip out to find  my present(black cats peanut butter) from my dad's recently trip to South Africa had arrivedXDI love peanut butter!!
The other peanut butter I brought myself much to my sisters dismay at the cost...what can i say,I like good quailty peanut butter!! Made with just nuts and oil.

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Blogs i like

I thought in light of my lack of internet activities over the last 3 or so months,I'd  do a post about the blogs I like to make up for my lack of comments.

I like all the blogs in my blog roll and I follow a ton more than that:O So don't be upset if I haven't mention your blog.

So in no particular order...

Universal Doll~  American  in Japan(and America) gyaru blogger covers fashion,lifestyle and beauty
Full of useful information!! Trends,news etc etcXD

Bloomzy~ UK gyaru blogger covers fashion,news,trends etc

No one sleeps in Tokyo~  Uk gyaru blogger covers lifestyle

Moments like Diamonds~ American in US and occasionally Japan blogger covers lifestyle and articles of interest i.e tea ceremony or onsens:)

Finding Tokyo~ American in Japan Lifestyle blogger covers fashion and lifestyle.Love her weekly wrap up:)

I like Make up~ Polish Beauty blogger covers mostly beauty but also has aspects of fashion and lifestyle.Great reviews and shes also  responsible for which I love.

Sushi Cat~ American  blogger,I think this was one of the very 1st blog I began following. covers lifestyle,fashion and alittle bit of beauty

HauteKeikk~   Finnish  gyaru blogger covers mostly lifestyle.

Cupcake Couture~   Finnish gyaru blogger  I translate this one but google translate isn't so great for Finnish so I tend to just look at her photos.Covers mostly fashion and beauty but i guess if i could read it ,it would be lifestyle aswell:)

Nubby Twiglet~ American graphic designer/blogger~Love her use of typography!!

Lollipop26~ UK beauty blogger

Flyingsaucer~  UK fashion blogger 

Sea of shoes~ American Fashion blogger shoes?you'll like this blog then,gorgeous photos ,gorgeous shoes,fashion and travel.

If you have the time thou,go and check out the blog listed on the side bar aswell:)

If you have a blog or know of a blog that you think I'd like leave me a comment:D

A bit of help??
I actually can't for the life of me remember a certain blog.
It was a Finnish girl in Japan writing about fashion(mostly branded I think) for a magazine,last time i read it she'd just had a baby,any ideas?

1st of the 3 tutorials:Eyeliner

So over a month back ,I revealed the results of the poll,tutorials placed quite high in the list of what did readers what to see me blog about so I've had the photos for well over a month now.Just haven't got round to actually making the post.:o sorry,so here it is

Disclaimer: I am not a professional nor do  I think I am the bees knees at eyeliner,it was a requested tutorial and I thought it may  be of some use to someone.All photos taken with my sister fuji and not my lumix ,so doesn't  pick up as much detail or quality as mine.I was growing my brows out as well ,so excuse the stray hairs.
Finally ~ What may work for one person wont work for everyone,practice and see whats best for you.

Ok I think the first and most important things to remember with doing eyeliner is to practice and not be dishearten if your 1st attempt isn't quite like how you saw it in the mags.

There a  3 types of liner you can get(that i know of)  and they come in varying applicators

Pencil best for:tightline and waterline ~softer,easier to smudge,not usually as dark or as intense as liquids or gels example

Liquid(pen and standard)~ intense,sharp lines,quite long wearing,example

Gel(usual in a jar)~Long lasting,intense ,can be a little tricky to master example

Tips:These will probably be repeated in the tutorial aswell:Osorry.

  • prop elbow up on a hard stable surface
  • pull the skin taunt(not too much thou) just enough so that it doesn't move around too much
  • worried about gaps in your liner? try lining with pencil first and then going over with liquid or gel
  • TIGHTLINE!!! it's a pet peeve for me,i've seen far too many good eye make up ruined by being able to see the upper lid water line,tight lining just makes the look more finished imo.Far more important i think when using false lashes.
  • Liner should start thin to thick but it can vary depending on eye shape and style your going for .
  • Find what technique works best for you
  • looking down into a mirror can help
  • have cotton bud handing for mistakes
  • use bottom lash line as a guide for the flick
  • For gyaru~I think it looks more gyaru to not line your water line ,however for agejo/hime gyaru they only seem to do half. When you line your water line your actually making your eye look smaller(excect if you line it with white)
  • more updated gyaru lower lash liner ~use brown eyeshadow but if your going for agejo style, black darker liners ok,can look good if you soften the line with black shadow too:)

The 3 liners I own,I prefer gel (thou mines not as intense as it used to be~its old)
Occasionally use the liquid liner when Im rushing,though the applicator annoys me.I'm going to get one with a pen tip next time to try out:)

So on to the tutorial
Tools I'm using

MAC~Fluidline in Black track
MAC ~Technakohl liner in graphblack
Ruby &Mille angled brush
Kryolan Eyeshadow in glitter black

1.Start with your eye make up done ,some people do it before shadow but I like to do it after.Less likelyhood of getting shadow fallout all over your nice line:)However I  do my liner  before i apply mascara,find it easier.
Recommend using an eyeshadow base.

2.Pull the skin taunt enough so the skin doesn't move too much but not too tight ,your skin around your eye is delicate.
I start in the middle using short strokes and work my way to the outer edge and then go back and apply the inner part.I find it easier to do small strokes rather then trying to do the liner in one single stroke (this is actually my gel liner but probably because its old it looks like kohl)
General shape you'd want to aim for is thin to thick but not  getting too thick on the outer edge

3.For the flick I try to look down into a mirror and use the lower lash line as a guide to pull my brush up.
Checking in the mirror regularly to see if its equal with the other side.Have cotton bud on hand for any mistakes:O
TIPS:For an equal flick you can always place a dot where you want the tip to end and then fill it in instead of just drawing it freehand or use medical tape.

4.This is what you should be left with.The degree of flick is optional,you can have it bigger if you want or at a different angle.Practice and see what looks best for your eye and face shape:)

5.An important stage that goes unnoticed alot.
After I've finished my liner,I go over it with black eyeshadow to set it and fill any possible gaps I may have left.
I also tightline,I can't stress how important this part is.Tight lining is where you take your kohl pencil and apply the liner to the upper lids water line under the lashes.This can be a little tricky to do,I find using a cotton bud to push the lid back makes it easier.
Also put a little brown eyeshadow on the outer part of my lower lash.

6.Curl and apply your mascara of choiceXD

Spam of finished look photos:O

Hope this was of some use to someone:)
I'll probably end up doing a vid for this as I don't think I explained how to do it very well:(


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