Monday, 8 June 2009

I picked this up free with this months Glamour Magazine(uk version)

(Also a recent photo of my currecnt nails..OPI's Do you Lilac it? with Barry-M PInk Iridescent glitter on the tips:D sadly not a good photo though)

I've been wanted to try Benefits Bad Gal Lash mascara for a while but I refuse to pay alot of money for it in case it was rubbish.However free with a £2 magazine,you can't really complain.

I don't really know which mascara I like any more at first I swore by Bourjouis Coup De Theatre mascara but then brought Majolica Majorca(Lash enamel and My lashs extend elgantly) after being lured in by seeing them repeatively in Ageha magazines.
Recently my MM Lash extend has begun to run out,my sister has Deja vu Fiberwig and said it was good and I'd read loads of reviews which said the same.So i purchased it about a month ago.

This is largely a usless post I was originally just going to post about getting Benefits Bad Gal Lash but then it turned into a mascara post:O

What is everyone elses favourite mascaras?and What Camera do you use?I want to get a new camera after graduation and was thinking of either a Panasonic Lumix or a Canon but Im interested to know what cameras everyone else uses or can recommend.

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