Monday, 22 June 2009

Kumikki,make up and outfits

I was under the impression that most gyaru's sported some sort of tan,but in this photo above of Kumikki,she looks mega pale(and verry thin I might add:O).Gives me hope with my reflective paleness:D

In a quest to find something cheaper than nail techniques to improve my nails.I brought Sally Hansen Hard as Nails to far its working rather well..better than expected to be honest.I also purchase Mavala's Tokyo nail exactly the shade of blueish purple I was after and i liked the name!

On a trip to Superdrugs to buy the new Sleek ACID palette (which they didn't have) I ended up with some glitter liners and my now all time favourite glitter polish,though it's more like little rainbow flakes.It looks amazing over dark polishes.
Outfit for the other day,however I wore a black pencil skirt instead of that one in the end.I was too shy to wear the big ruffley one:( I was going for a Shibuhara look.EDIT:I did end up wearing the ruffle one for a birthday party:D

Second attempt at getting the Sleek ACID palette...SUCCESS:D I'm a sucker for bright eyeshadows,I've even got a UV neon Kryolan palette I brought about 3 years ago:O
While I was at Superdrugs,I picked up some more false lash since I absolutly destroyed mine and got the girls aloud ones aswell because they currently had a buy 1 get one 1/2 price deal on eylure products.

Somehow I ended up in the Disney store and left with this...:O
I regret nothing though!

More outfits from the week,I wore it without the belt in the end though.I love the hat it's my new favourite accessorie:D


  1. OMG YOU got the sleek acid palette so jealous.! *--*

  2. :DIt was abit tricky to track down,had to visit two superdrugs on multiply occasions,I do love bright eyeshadows though.

  3. I've been planning to get that Stitch pillow for sooo long now but I always end up skipping it as I have the Marie one too :3 one day I will siighhh

    And I think being pale is this years ~"the thing"~ which gives me hope too as I just don't tan at all and I love being pale anyway! :D

    p.s. Love your outfits aww~
    might actually add you to my reading list :3 I like your blog!!
    (and sorry for all this commenting spam!! I got a bit excited :'3)



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