Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Gyaru:gal spam feat Miho,Weison ,Aina and more

Back with another gyaru spam,sorry about the last 2 weeks not having any. I had wanted to do something different with the spams but haven't got round to it because of work :(

First though I have a BIG thank you to give as I passed 200 followers in the last couple of weeks.
THANK YOU for following!!!XD
I did a giveaway when i hit 100 followers,i did toy with the idea of doing another one when i hit 200 but instead Im going to have to wait until I hit 300:( due to finances and Christmas coming up.
Any suggestions for posts are always welcome and also new followers don't be shy:D say hello.

On to the spam

I've just realised all 3 looks have the same jumper:Olol


:O wow what a big burger!



  Aina Tanaka & Yumachi ( combined their photos since their together alot)


hmm i swore i had more Momoko photos to post obviously not:O

 Hope everyone enjoyed this post and found something inspiring,I like doing posts like this as it helps me narrow down what aspects of gyaru I like and aspire to do better.:)

Also check out Mysparetimeretreat's blog for gal spams and 2 awesome posts showing the style history of Aina and Momoko:D


  1. Congrats on your new followers~! :Dyy
    & omg I love when models have favourite items that they re-wear~ makes me feel better for wearing the same pair of EXPRESS knit leggings on an almost weekly basis, haha XD

  2. ah lovely!
    So much inspiration :D

  3. I keep forgetting to follow Momoko so thanks for the reminder XD hehe

  4. Ahh Sayoko is such a doll and I want her makeuppppp!!!
    Great post!

    But I a worried about Wei Son! Read my last post for updates, I though non-japanese speaking gals should know! http://cosme411.blogspot.com/2010/11/gal-model-news-sun-wei-health-problems.html

  5. I can see you like a more grownup gyaru look! To me it's really interesting how quickly the gyaru fashion is melding with regular high fashion.

  6. Same,her make is gorgeous!!

    :O i didn't realise she was sick,i hope shes gets better soon,thank you for the link and the translation.:)

  7. Thank you:D
    Same,since i;ve not really been buying alot of clothes this last year ,its nice to see them reuse items:D

  8. i love your gal spams! congrats on 200 followers~♥



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