Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Personal posts....

Im going back to LJ......only with my private post:D lol had ya there.
Making a private blog on blogspot seemed easier but the permissions and stuff is confusing ,so im just going back to posting my personal stuff over on my lj(i've had it since 06 maybe 05 i've updated it since then thou lol)

So to see the posts go to ~ LJ
Just leave me a comment:D

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Hello ,sorry I've not been around

I've not really felt like blogging or being online at all recently.Sorry about that:( just feeling low.
You can read more on my personal blog ~ here
But its restricted,so i think i have to add peoples emails to allow u to read it thats if anyone actual wants to read it.

Back to the update,
Just some photos for the time being.

My blackberry wallpaperXD

Photos from my trip to Hull and Leeds

My sister's crazy cat complete with cute neckscarf(thats her coller:O)

and her crazy dog.....all her animals are crazy:O

Mirror shot~outfit,H&M jersey biker jacket,GLADNEWS tshirt and WC hat plus RI jeans and boots:)

My cousin's GORGEOUS cats..their sooo beautiful!!!

Such intense blue eyes!

Purchases for the weekend:)

Finally my JELLY arrived aswellXD
Must find JELLYx Gilfy mag!!

and this week my circle lenses arrived,have been without lenses since around the summer i think.

Comparison photo of Well Dressed and Azalea Blosson~recommend both!!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Memes:Top 10 and gal

The last "Whats inside my make up bag?" meme was well received and enjoyed:D,that Mitsu, Bloomzy and myself decided to do another one .This time its based on Ageha's Top 10 which Mitsu has translated over at Universal Doll:)

Anyway heres my Top 10.Im rusty at photoshop and thus fail at making it pretty.
I'd have had it up earlier as well if it wasn't for loud teens keeping me awake,going out everyday since friday:O and having tensions headaches(presumably brought on by my glasses and not helped by being on the computer)

It was really difficult pinning it down to just 10 items,I don't tend to have favouritres of things and originally had about 21 items on my list.

Gal meme

1. Describe your style as a gal.

I don't really think of myself as being  fully gal,I aim for it thou:)
As for style wise I guess Im onee but I like rock kei, agejo and sweet elements~fav brands being Gilfy,Gladnews,Delyle,Emoda(only recently thou) W<3C

2. Which models inspire you to get dressed?
I take my inspiration from lots of places and models.The ones I check most though are Chinatsu, Sakurina, Nori and Tae,Marimo,Maichi,Yuki Yamamoto,Maya ...and Mipo(TOT but I have to make do with her rare appearance in JELLY since she doesn't blog anymore)

3. What are the brands are you wearing lately?
 River Island i guess(the other day I went out head to toe in it :O) Other brands I wear alot are~Vivienne Westwood,H&M,Zara.I have been wearing my W<;3C hat alot recently tooXD

4. What was your first thing from 109 (or similar)?
JSG Pink leopard Neko hoodie

5. What compliment about your wardrobe do you like best?
That I look stylish  and where did you get *insert item" from?

6. What do you wear most often?
Boots ,blazer:O and recently jeans though usually Im always in shorts.
7. I like getting …?
Parcels in the mailXD preferably gyaru related but I like receiving mail in general.
Lashes and shoes are <3
Recently I've been think about sending postcards.

8. In that you look first when you see a gal?
Make up(eyemake up) and hair then the outfits

9. What gal rules have you broken?
I have no idea~emmm some??

10. What would you never wear?
I'd never wear...that a difficult question since I like to try things before I write them off especially to see if they'd suit my body shape.
Saying that though ,I'd never wear leggings as trousers(i.e without a dress or very long top) or crocs.

11. What do you think is essential for a good look?
Confidence and accessories(they get forgotten sometimes:( even by me)

12. How do you feel when viewed as a gyaru?
So making the assumption that I would be considered a gyaru,I guess i feel confident and stylish ,thou i feel confident normally so I can't really answer this one.Mostly thou I'd say GirlyXD

13. You have many friends that are gals?
Irl?Nope nada:( Most of my friends are guys and even then the interest in Japan or Japanese related things is slim.Thou I don't solely make friends with people based on their style or a prominent interest,for me the most important thing is that we make each other laugh and that their considerate caring people.It would be nice to have someone to talk trends and stuff with thou:(  maybe I should give my boy mates some gyaru o make overs :Dhaha
Most of my online friends are interested in gyaru thou:)

14. What is the next thing you plan to buy desperately need?
heeled military boots?thats what Im calling them any ways ,killer heels and some distressed boyfriend fit jeansXD and a floral playsuit

15. What’s your favorite accessory?
VW earrings and hats (specially my WC one)

16. Sexy, monotone or elegant?
Monotone,Im not overally fond of looking sexy(get some unwanted remarks over here)

17. Would you wear clothes that aren’t in fashion?
If they look good ,sure:)
18. What is your current obsession?
Agejo hair styles,hats and patterned legwear

19. Do you like to spread gal fashion? How do you do it?
I don't feel I have enough knowledge about it to spread it,but I think I will be showing some of my mags to a few of my gf's next time I see them.

20. What advice would you give to someone starting out?
 Research,experiment and practice . oh and don't forget the details,as in make up,hair and accessories.I've seen lots of lovely outfits that fall down on the details(my own included:O)

Both memes open for anyone to do:D 
Check out Hana's blog for a very informative weekly wrap up and translations:) and Sara Mari is having a giveaway over at her blog to celebrate 225+ followers:O
I want to do a giveaway,they seem like fun:)I'll tweet if i do.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Nori and tae singing

Not sure if this has been blogged about yet or if its even of any interest to anyone.
But  I was checking model's blogs a couple of days ago as I was behind:O on ALL my blog checking(terrible aren't I:O)
When I saw a link on Nori & Tae's ameblo to an Offical site ,so I click and from what I can see it looks like their lauching themselves as a singing duo(Feel free to correct me as I can't read Japanese so I'm going by the photos)

 I don't think they sound that bad tbh, however I'm no singer,the lyrics on the above screenshot thou make me laugh "LALALALALAL" :S

Sunday, 7 March 2010

London, MAC Blush Ombre and the recent Poll:D

So I'll start by talking about the poll I had up recently about what you'd like to see me blog about.
I put it up as I was feeling a little lost as to what I wanted this blog to be about anymore.I originally started it as a beauty blog.It has evolved to include other aspects of my interest and life but I will keep the majority of anything too personal on my Livejournal,which you can add if you wish to read .(lol but I haven't updated for a while:O so that pretty pointless)

Thank you for voting XD Im surprised at the results thou:O

72% Fashion
60% Tutorials
52% Beauty/Make up
40% My every day like(life lol typo)
16% Reviews
8% for both all of the above and for Vlog.
Well I can't say I'm too surprised since I did put the options up there,I mean it would far more suprising if something I hadn't put up there came out top.Like blog more about Meerkats!or  philosophy!:OIm just rambling now:O

I surprised because I wasn't expecting as many votes as it got and..
While I put Fashion as an option and I love fashion ,I don't think of myself as being a specifically fashionable person if anything I think that I'm lacking in style and it does cause me some distress sometimes:O
Hmm though,what to blog about fashion wise.....maybe I'll just surprise you:) unless anyone had any request,same goes for Tutorials,request are very much welcome.
I'd suspect Tutorials wanted would be........
Eyeliner?False lashes?Eyebrows? 

Ok on to London,if you follow my twitter you may have been aware I went down to London yesterday to celebrate my uni friend's Birthday.

It was a lovely day,we met in Covent Garden first and ate a tasty lunch in a cute bar/restaurant (forgets the name:O)

 Wondered around there for abit where we saw some people in odd all in one suits,like extreme jumpsuit that covered their faces ~Morph suits?
it was odd none the less.

then on to Harrods....
Were we looked at lots of pretty things and  saw £1500 shoes O_o !!!they where gorgeous thou ,if only.

Then headed to Camden !For drinks and relaxing as Harrods kinda took it out of all of us.
we ended up staying there from about 3/4ish until I left to go home:O

 Mmm cranberry and VodkaXD
 I ended up getting home at 11.30ish but I left my friends at 8ish.Why so late??Bloody trains!!!I don't mind delays and cancellations as long as they tell you!!!There was nothing on the net about all my trains being moved to Liverpool street so i ended up missing my train and having to get the next one which got me home so late!

It was a lovely day though if a bit cold and tiring(feel asleep on the train twice:O) but fun:) and lovely to see friends I hadn't seen for a while.

Got  2 things while I was near some shops I don't have up here.

Impulse brought media case from Paperchase(love Paperchase) for my camera
Final Fantasy postcards given by friends but will give to the bf (as I'm not very interested in video games:O)
MAC Blush Ombre~Azalea Blossom from HarrodsXD So pretty
and My new Blackberry that I brought on Friday not Saturday I just didn't have a photo of it yet:D

Close up:D

Did everyone else have a good weekend?

Friday, 5 March 2010

Whats in my make up bag? and outfit and make up shot from Saturday.

:O Sorry for disappearing,I am back but Im going to London on Saturday only for the day so not gone for long:D I will be catching up on peoples post and comments tomorrow and Sunday:)
So Bloomzy posted a post about whats in her make up bag recently and mentioned that she'd like to see mine.
I already had a inside my make up bag post but it needed to be revised really so here it is .

 My everyday make up ,omitting the top right corner(MAC fluidline and paint pot)  if I'm going to work.
For everyday none work thou,this is what I used,plus some false lashes,either MAC#7 or some cris cross ones I have:)

  • 1.Candydoll powder
  • 2.NYX concealer in  jar "fair"
  • 3.Revlon Colour stay~"ivory"
  • 4.Dior Ultra Mat~"100"
  • 5.Embryolisse lait-creme concentre
  • 6.MAC blush in"Well Dressed"
  • 7.Maybelline Colossal Mascara
  • 8.MAC paint pot in "Painterly"
  • 9.Panasonic heated Eyelash curler(Love this!)
  • 10.MAC Fluid line in "Blacktrack"
  • 11.MAC eyeshadow in "Sable"
  • 12.MAC palette in "Padamonium eyes"
  • 13.Shiseido eyebrow pencil in "Dark Brown"
  • 14.NYX eyebrow powder
LIPS:My lip products are  carried arround with me so there below,but I usually use either Barry-m lipstick in 100/MAC Pinkfish lip balm/YSL #7 topped with either MAC C-thru or Candydoll Lipgloss:D

Also in my everyday makeup bag but not everyday items,I just keep them there for easy access.

Then on to the rest of the collection:O



Inspired by the bright make up I saw recently I tried out some of my old eyeshadows:)

Now from Saturday......
Oh dear I was rather merry/drunk(as you can see from Twitter),it was suppose to be a fancy dress,so I was just going to go in something posh/fancy but decided last min to try something agejo-ish

  Hair~Wanted to curl it but ran out of time,.in fact I ended up doing my hair at the party:O

Make up
Haven't done my lower liner like that for a very long time:O
Damn flash makes me crazy pale and brow less:O

and I got a new camera:O(Panasonic Lumix TZ-6) lol it probably no different from my sister's but it definitely an improvement on my old one:O




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