Monday, 7 June 2010

Gyaru blog spam and some recent nails:)

I've had some issues with my commenting platform,so i can't log in to my account but will reply soon.:)thank you for all the comments.

Anyways this post is purely a Gyaru blog spam with a few recent nails photos from me

One of my fav polish at the moment is OPI's Coney Island Cotton Candy
Love this,it was pretty chip resistant too.
:( my cuticles have gone horrible recently,when im stressed or angry i tend to neglect them and pull at them

Recent one I picked up not this weekend gone but the one before,
It's Models OWN's Jade Stone which is a lovely darker Mint green then some of the other similar colours i've seen about

Gal blog Spam(since i haven't done one for a while)

Wei son
For some reason theres something about Weison that bugs me(no idea what:S) but I am loving her style at the moment

Especially these socks and shoes comboXD


Such a cute dog!!




Want some of these!

WC staff blog

Love this scarf!




This photos makes me want to get some highlights


Floral jumpsuit<3

Purple liner

Nude nails with diamante accents,simple but sophisticated <3

Awww Rui's adorable kitty


Denim + floral <3

Loving her shoes and socks combo here

As always gorgeous make up

Denim jumpsuit<3

Some Popteen models and girls

 ahh this girl really makes me want to two tone dye my hair!!

Cute W<3C plastic bags:)

and just to finish...awwwww so cute!

Will be back later in the week to finish the tutorials and to update properly.

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