Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Whats in my bag vlog post:D

I'm still about,just busy with friends returning form uni and watching a lot of The Big Bang Theory:O I haven't been all that social recently either ,I've been wanting to cocoon myself in my duvet if im honest.I'll be fine thou:D

Anyways I made this vlog a couple of weeks ago ,it's just a video of "whats in my bag?"I've done a post before.I just felt in the mood to do something different and well I find filming easier then typing at the moment.:O
I'd have posted it sooner  but Im still a little shy especially with vlogs

Also Don't miss out on Lucieliu's giveaway and go check out the June issue of eleanorzine for lots of lovely gals including Mitsu and HauteKeikk XD ( pssst Im in there too,lol I look angry:S Im annoyed it wasn't my best hair and make up that I submitted:()

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