Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Quick post -Romihi July egg eyemakeup:D

I'm having problems with my net and I really ought to sleep,but earlier I did a look form one of my egg magazines. I wanted to try it for agess but never actually sat down and did it.:O

My attemp:)
(sorry picture heavy)

I Love Aina Tanaka's nails!!

Can anyone recommend any places online that sell good clip in extensions??
Or should I just save my money and get pinch braid ones instead???

I think I'll try Romihi's August egg tutorial next.She seems to be one of my favourite models at the moment:D

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

False eyelash tutorial including lower eyelashes:D

As i mentioned in my last post,I made this the other day as I was bored and hyped up on caffeine. I figured I'd post it anyways as I might be of some use to someone.

Comments and Crit welcome:) as I know its not perfect

I love Sakurina's new hair,makes me want to cut mine off and dye it red.

I've been getting red dye urges alot recently.I wont dye my hair as I like my natural hair colour too much but I still get the urge :(

Monday, 28 September 2009

Coming soon.....?

I made a tutorial for applying false lashes,largely cause I was bored.I've got to re-do some photos but when Im done I'll post it.

Thats if any one is interested?

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Birthdays,rabbits and sequined jackets.

Surprisingly Im not hungover, which in recent years has been the usual occurance the day after my birthday.

So since yesterday was my birthday,I went for a tasty meal at Nando's and then to the pub with most of my friends from my home town.
I was rather shocked at how many people came out,I usually hate my birthday for the fact that I'm getting olderTOT and that it always feels like everyone forgets me.Not the case yesterday,I had so many facebook and text messages wishing me a happy birthday,that I didn't actually hate my birthday this year:D...however I am still not liking the fact that I'm older.

I mostly got money,half of which I spent on this jacket.Hmm rubbish photo but it's a tiny sequin covered biker jacket.

I was torn between getting it and not.Since it wasn't a needed item and I'd sworn off buying clothes until I'd trimmed down my waist.
I also picked up a Sleek pout polish ,I'd wanted to get one since their release earlier in the month but sod law was that every single Superdrug I visited did not stock Sleek.Also picked up a new Barry-M nail polish in pastel blue/baby blue(bottle says turquoise)

So earlier in the week.....

I had too fight every urge I had to not buy this adorable rabbit:O I'm not even a rabbit kind of person,but he/she was so cute.
I went to look at the pets after work on friday because some beast of a women had annoyed me.She demanded I apoloisge for keeping her "waiting" which I did not.At most she was waiting at the till for 3-4 minutes because I was apparently "swanning about" when in fact I was putting stock out which is *shockingly* also part of my job!!
Needless to say I did not apologise and she left after snatching the receipt from my hand.

In the last 4/5 months I've developed a pyramid stud obsession ,so earlier in the week I picked up some earrings and bracelets that I'd seen on the web.

I just realised that the title rhymes,that was unintentional.

I mentioned in my last post that i'd brought a blazer when I was down in Portsmouth,here's how I wore it.
EDIT:I forgot to say ..YEP purple is my favourite colour ThanhXD...I still don't get how to reply to people..I just have to make a comment on my own entry right?

Saturday, 12 September 2009

"Calm a llama down"

Best photo ever??Maybe not,but it made me and everyone I showed it to laugh..alot:DMy cat's so silly.

Anywho I've been quite busy recently one weekend in London the next in Portsmouth and the week inbetween I'd been going out alot more than I usualy do.So Im feeling alittle frazzled recently ,thankfully I can rest this weekend:D
NO travelling anywhere..... I do like traveling though:D

So my weekend in Portsmouth was lovely ,hung out with my uni friends,went on my very first pedalo:O(a pink swan one !!) met up with my dad and went on a boat trip:D(Im nerdy I like war ships and ships like the HMS victoryXD)

So whilest down south ,I visited Accessorize and finally brought the bow ring I've been eyeing up for weeks and I also picked up the cute watch necklace(althought I hate gold coloured jewellery:PI don't think it suits my paleness)

I also couldn't resist visting the cosmetics company while I was in the area,I picked up a gorgeous purple palette and a dissapointing eyeshadow,I swatched in the shop and it was lovely but at home...:(.
I'm thinking it might work better with alot of eyeliner:D so i'll give it another try.

here's a look I did today using the above mentioned palette and also...

GOSH-Purple artliner

Can you tell what my favourite colour is??

It sucks that my phone camera is so rubbish,it was really intense and very purple:(
I haven't wore really intense eyeliner for agess,I used to wear it almost everyday at uni,but recently I can't be bothered to waste it on work..I mean I make myself presentable but I don't want to look too made up.

So today ,I've been finding a place for this ---->to live.We got a treadmill cheap from my mum's work friend.
I've very excited about using it,as I've taken up jogging recently but can't really do it as my knee's can't take the impact well:(
So I was planning on joining the gym to primarily use the i've no reason to:D

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


I found these photos on Rui's blog

AHH now I really want to go on holiday!!!! TOT

and I keep thinking about this skirt!!I must find something similar!!!!

Anyone use or know of a good shopping service?I want to buy some accessories from the 109 shop

Ahh it's been awhile:O

I've been slacking in blogging lately,in the last 3 weeks not much has happened.My older sister came down from Hull for a week and then this weekend I went up to London for my boyfriend's birthday.The whole weekend was awesome..tiring but awesome.
Friday I met up with my friend in Piccadilly for dinner,we went to Ryo which is a lovely Japanese noodle and sushi restaurant.We ate, caught up and then drank random Japanese alcopops.

It was rather an epic weekend with a full day up central London on Saturday with lots of walking(and ate those cakes<--- so tasty),had a bbq on Sunday and then up London again on Bank Holiday Monday. Where we wondered around Bond street and visited Selfridges...where I spent NOTHING:OIt was odd I wonder around the make up counters and nothing took my fancy.I was looking for a RMK counter ,as I saw one in Birmingham's Selfridges but I didn't find one in London unless I completely over looked it. Here's some purchases I made on the day my sister came to visit about 3 weeks ago:O
My mother now thinks Im a health freak......I suppose I am really.
So I've been taking those Red kooga tablets for 3 weeks now ,they contain multi vitamins and Ginseng.
My totally number of afternoon naps since taking them is ..1!!!!:O However that nap was because I stayed up till 5 the night before hanging out with some of my friends.
I had so many naps before I started taking these it was unreal.

My camera just won't show real colours or intensity of thing....mind you it is very old camera:O
Anywho here I've used my Kate palette and NARS cancan which is currently my only (but much loved) NARS product...Any recommendations for other NARS products?AND any recommendation for a flawless face?I have loads of freckles...I hate them,everyone thinks their cute but I hate them.I was looking into to BB creams but I don't know which ones are best:S

I'm going to Portsmouth this weekend,which I'm very excited about.I'm visiting an old uni friend from 1st year and my old housemates too:DI also hear that Portsmouth has a cosmetics company ,so im hoping to visit that while im down:D

Oh I forgot I've been working on my JET application aswell recently.Its scary,I worry how I'll do:S
Im putting alot of my eggs in one basket,so I hope I get in but I also realise it's a very popular program....SO fingers crossed:)

I'll leave you with this photo I took from the train on my way home on Monday:D Such a beautiful day.


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