Sunday, 20 September 2009

Birthdays,rabbits and sequined jackets.

Surprisingly Im not hungover, which in recent years has been the usual occurance the day after my birthday.

So since yesterday was my birthday,I went for a tasty meal at Nando's and then to the pub with most of my friends from my home town.
I was rather shocked at how many people came out,I usually hate my birthday for the fact that I'm getting olderTOT and that it always feels like everyone forgets me.Not the case yesterday,I had so many facebook and text messages wishing me a happy birthday,that I didn't actually hate my birthday this year:D...however I am still not liking the fact that I'm older.

I mostly got money,half of which I spent on this jacket.Hmm rubbish photo but it's a tiny sequin covered biker jacket.

I was torn between getting it and not.Since it wasn't a needed item and I'd sworn off buying clothes until I'd trimmed down my waist.
I also picked up a Sleek pout polish ,I'd wanted to get one since their release earlier in the month but sod law was that every single Superdrug I visited did not stock Sleek.Also picked up a new Barry-M nail polish in pastel blue/baby blue(bottle says turquoise)

So earlier in the week.....

I had too fight every urge I had to not buy this adorable rabbit:O I'm not even a rabbit kind of person,but he/she was so cute.
I went to look at the pets after work on friday because some beast of a women had annoyed me.She demanded I apoloisge for keeping her "waiting" which I did not.At most she was waiting at the till for 3-4 minutes because I was apparently "swanning about" when in fact I was putting stock out which is *shockingly* also part of my job!!
Needless to say I did not apologise and she left after snatching the receipt from my hand.

In the last 4/5 months I've developed a pyramid stud obsession ,so earlier in the week I picked up some earrings and bracelets that I'd seen on the web.

I just realised that the title rhymes,that was unintentional.

I mentioned in my last post that i'd brought a blazer when I was down in Portsmouth,here's how I wore it.
EDIT:I forgot to say ..YEP purple is my favourite colour ThanhXD...I still don't get how to reply to people..I just have to make a comment on my own entry right?



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