Monday, 20 September 2010

Circle lenses -Mini review of old and new lenses

So wayyyy back in.... March I recieved some circle lenses and I'm only just posting about them:O

First alittle info,
I've been wearing glasses for 10 years,daily disposable lenses for 8 years and circle lenses for 2 years.

I'd like to state as well, that I love my natural eye colour and wear coloured lenses for fun and am not bothered about enlargement.Just thought I'd point that out as I've had comments before along the lines of "you don't need to wear circle lenses ,your natual eye  colour's lovely"  although a nice comment, it pisses me off that people make assumptions as to why I wear something.....Its like assuming I wear makeup because I hate my face (which I don't :D I just love make up) etc etc

Anyways there's been some press recently about the "dangers " of circle lenses and imo as long as your smart about wearing them their as dangerous as normal lenses.Not to trivialise that there are dangers but  here's something to think about ~ popular big names western companies  are making their own versions,hmm.

How can you be smart about wearing them?

  • Buy from reputable companies and make sure you've got authentic lenses
  • Looking after your lenses properly~Jen of Sushi cat wrote an entry which i think has excellent info on taking care of your lenses 
  • Don't sleep in them and don't wear them for too longer 

 My natural eye colour
I have Hazel eyes,which sometimes seem more brown or more green

Past lenses I've tried 

All brought from

Geo Angel Grey

G&G bt02

Geo Angel Brown
 All of them compared(since it was too long ago i had them to review them individually) 

  • G&Gs were the most comfortable 
  • the Geo Angels weren't awful but they were less comfortable than the Geo's I use now

  • Personally I prefer designs like the G&G as its more subtle but the Geo Angels look great too
Would I buy them again:
Overall,yes and no,YES as their was nothing wrong with them and NO because I like experimenting and trying new lenses:)

New lenses from March

So in March I received my lenses  I brought from

Geo Honey wing ~EOS Misty Grey
Geo Nudy Brown~EOS King Browns
I brought  4 on a promo she was doing,buy 3 get a 4th free.

Geo Honey Wing
The comfort on Geo lenses  has vastly improved since I tried the Angels.I find these lenses  to be very comfortable and I hardly have to apply drops.Out of the 2 I wear regularly (Nudy&Wing) these are the least drying.
I like the design of these,its subtle but not.By that I mean ,they're not as dramatic and noticeable as lenses with a full black ring on the outer edge but they aren't as natural as other lenses.
Would I buy again: 
EOS Misty Grey (only pic i have.sorry)
Unfortunately my pair were faulty,so I never got to properly test them.However on wearing the one that wasn't faulty.I can say they felt like they had more moisture then all my other lenses and where very comfortable:D
I love the design of these,I originally wanted the green mistys but they don't make those in my prescriptions:(
I was drawn to these lenses as they blend into the iris unlike other lenses i have which have the hole in the middle which can look alittle fake.
Would I buy again:
 Yes,though I'd want the greens

Geo Nudy Brown

Very comfortable,these are my most worn lenses (along with the wings) as you can probably guess by the amount of times i post pics with them:D They can be alittle more drying then my wings,but overall they're comfortable lenses.
Love the design,natural and blends well with my natural colour
Would I buy again: 
Yes,definitely though i'd like to try some of the other colours aswell
Have yet to try my EOS kings

About the companies I brought from:
Both have ready to buy and preorders,since i have awful eyesight I usually have to preorder. never had any problems with secreteyes,the 1st pair of Geo Angel greys I got where faulty but after contacting Secreteyes ,she sorted it out for me and sent me new ones.
Japanese ordered from her last time as I wanted to try EOS lenses and at the time secreteyes wasn't stocking them.
My 1st order got screwed up by the lenses company who sent japanesecandy the wrong ones,but she emailed me and returned all my money.So I placed a second order and had no problems until I had a fault with my EOS lenses and tried to contact her.Basically she either didn't get my emails or just didn't reply,but nothing was ever done about my lenses being faulty.Oh well,you win some and lose some.Other than that there were no problems.
I think next time I order lenses I'll try out pinkyparadise(as its highly rated) and possible go for the candymagic lenses,they look interesting(and I've always wanted purple/violet eyes)
Good places for reviews~
 other reviews:)

I seldomly do reviews,so hopefully this was ok.Feedback always welcome.


  1. The Misty Grey ones are so gorgeous! Faulty lenses make kittens cry t_t! I prefer PinkyParadise out of all the places I've boughten from so I'm one those "recommending" them amongst the masses! They'll replace a faulty lens too :D

  2. Ohh, I really like the Angel series! The brown ones look so lovely on you ♥
    No kidding about not sleeping in circle lenses though, mou~ I made that mistake this Saturday & my eyes ached alll dayyy yesterday ;o;

  3. Thanks:)I do miss my angel but its fun trying new lenses designs:)
    I've made that mistake before,not with circles thou.Got reallly drunk and fell alseep in my disposables.:O that was like 5 years ago,haven't done it since.

  4. Great entry, I found it very useful! :D
    The EOS Misty Grey are my faves I think

    Ill have pink lenses up next so that might help you
    Also many thanks for linking me! :D

  5. I admit that sometimes I am distracted by your gorgeous make-up to look at the contacts. You always seem to pick such lovely honey colored ones that really suit your eyes. The Nudy Brown looks really cool on you!

  6. I REALLY love the Misty Greys especially on your eyes!. I'm one of those people of the "masses" who love Pinkyparadise! They'll even replace a defective lens (just took some time.) And they have fairly quick shipping (at least to USA so I assume everywhere is pretty quick!)

    *sorry if this is a dup comment, I posted one yesterday but I must have failed DX

  7. The Honey Wings look great on your eyes, I love that they are defined without being too crazy. I've always wanted to try pink lenses too ^_^ Thank you for this post, it was really good to see comparisons between all of the different types!



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