Tuesday, 14 September 2010

update:August ,WC and pirate party

Another photo update post,this is from August

Finally got my hands on the "I don't like spring top" I wanted the grey one originally as i figured it would suit me better and go with more clothes but i still love the red one.
Just super happy to own it,got another plastic bag (but not a polka dot one:( )finally got a catalog too and I also brought the kumatan's gf head deco for my phone(which for some odd reason i left in the bubble wrap for this pic:S)
Wore it out for a trip to Cambridge
 Came back with a varsity/school/preppy cardy...i have been searching for one like this for about a year,finally!!!

Had the urge to change my cleansing routine,so I investigates and got some samples of Dermalogica.
Really liked their cleansing oil and rice exfoliate,will purchase at a later date

Somewhere at the beginning of August or the end of July I went to a friends pirate bbq party,since hes back yard is all things piratey(his whole family likes pirates) it was obviously a pirate dress up.I had a shoddy paper hat I made and I made a parrot for a friend out of paper:S it was surprisingly good:O

On to my make up for the night ,wore my jewerich lower lashes.I wore my defective pair,which i cut up so i only wore the ends and then added in dollywink no5 further in and ardell lashes on top.

Wore my extensions for the 1st time in ages too,and backcombed them ..perhaps alittle too much:O I also badly needed my fringe cut:(
 Completed outfit,not gyaru since its suppose to be pirate themed

 Some other purchases and random pics

Giant Guess sunniesXD though I've not had much of a chance to wear them:(

 Brought a new purse after about 2 years of saying "i need to buy a purse"

        Visited some pretty places in Norfolk

Castle Acre...my favourite castle

Won for once at Smash bros...I never win!

Ate yummy Chinatown cake in London XD

And finally ....took photos of pretty sunsets:D

I also meet up with the lovely Bloomzy in August before she went away to Tokyo but I forgot to edit the pics:O


  1. Please come to Japan and do my make-up. Every time I attempt to lengthen my eye using the bottom lash open technique it just looks horrid on me. Yet you pull it off fabulously!

    Pirate you is cute!

  2. WCCCC :D
    Love it! I need the Winter one though, I realy do hate winter haha

    I love that you had a pirate stitch for your costume

    and I want that purse D: D: D:

  3. Thank you,although I liked the grey more the red's grown on me:D

  4. Thank you:D Unfortunately I haven't had alot for chances to wear the shades now its gotten cold:(

  5. Thanks,I don't really mind winter,really i want a top thats say "i don't like overcast weather" but thats abit of a mouthful:Dhahah
    Lol pirate stitch was the only thing piratey about my outfit except my wonderfully made hat ofcourse:D

  6. Thank you:D
    I want to go:(Im saving,so hopefully I'll be there march time:D
    If i do thou,I have to get you to do my hair as your fabulous at it!XD



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