Friday, 24 September 2010

Bye bye 23 ,hello 24 (TOT)

So another year has gone and I'm another year older(TOT)
I for the most part hate my birthdays, they just represent another year wasted to me and they're usually disappointing. However the last couple of years, despite the birthday blues, I 've actually had a really awesome time.
So for this year, I wanted to have a picnic but being  weather dependent plans, they got ruined  and I had to resort to my back up plan of bowling(not too awful).

There was an underlining pissed off feeling at the "friends" who didn't even text to say they weren't coming (I hate rudeness!its not that hard to text) but that was thankfully overshadowed by the awesome people who did turn up, cos really everyone I wanted to be there was(bar 1 or 2 who told me they couldn't make it) XD

Bowling was awesome and either I don't suck as much at it anymore or my friends were purposely being rubbish:D so I did better than I usually do.
I made cupcakes for the occasion.They came out much better then the previous ones,what a difference having a proper tray can make:D

Outfit and FOTD

Cupcakes XD strawberry jam mixed into the sponge and vanilla buttercream icing(hehe soya ones I might add...noone knew)

I'm at the top ~102!! woop ,i've probably done better but i know I'd done worse:D

Received a letter from my friend,was address to "Boohoo,Johnny and Sally"XD love Peep Show

Inside was a drawing of somersaulting cats(wearing jumpers?)!!!!so cute!!

Totally forgot to take photos of my gifts:O opps

So after being elated about my bday,I've return to being my usual glum self.I hate being glum,most of the time I suppress it and am cheery largely cos I just don't think about how shit things are .
Ultimately thou I hate my job,I hate my town ,I'm in pain from my shoulder(which stops me sleeping) and for most of the time I feel like I'm bitter and angry.

I just can't pick what I want to do with my life,reminds me of high school when we had to pick our options for GCSE's and they made this big thing about it~ "it decides your whole life,you must pick your career at 14 blah blah blah" I didn't know what I want to be when I was 14 ...I still don't know.
What I do know thou is I DO NOT WANT TO WORK IN SHITTY RETAIL!!!!! I absolutely hate it and its easy enough to say "just quit" but I have bills to pay and thus can't afford to be out of work.
Besides the rare jobs that are available ,I've been applying to and nothing has come of it:(
So I'm gonna have to(reluctantly) stick it out(while internal thinking of Philip the cat)

So now I'm faced with my long running dilemma of "What do I want to do with my life?" Im just tired of thinking about it tbh.
I still want to teach English, but I can't imagine doing that for ever and since I can't afford to do multiple courses , I'm gonna have to pick something I can see myself doing FOREVERRRR. Which brought me back to an idea I touched upon while still in 6th form but wrote off because my dad said it wasn't a good career(moral of that~don't listen to my dad) so I'm thinking of training to be a make up artist...thinking.
Im on holiday from work next week,so Im gonna think really hard about my options.

Next time I post I hope to have some videos:D and then Im off to Wales for the week,figured fuck it why not.I need a break from crappy Norfolk.
 Also I put in a new contact box to the left under my profile,with a new email address solely for this blog and links to my twitter and formspring.: )


  1. Awe, Happy Belated Birthday bb~! ♥ You look absolutely gorgeous & I'm so glad to hear you had a nice time!
    I think it's easy to get depressed on your birthday the older you get~ I can definitely relate to those 'wtf am I doing with my life' thoughs ;o; But the important thing is that it's never too late to do the things we want... We are the only ones who can hold ourselves back *hugs* So I hope you go for the makeup artist career & ganbatte~!! ♥

  2. I'm with you, I'm not very much into parties, even in high school I'd only have like 2 or 3 people show up to my parties so I just ended up not really having them after 17 or something. Its great that everyone you wanted to come showed up, but whats up with people not even RSVPing that's incredibly rude on someones bday!

    I hate retail too. Everyone is skeptical when I say food service is way better, but I was much more happy working at a cafe than I was at the toy store, book store or department stores.

  3. Happy belated birthday! (We Libras are awesome) Hope 24 is better than 23 ^_^

  4. Happy belated birthday!


  5. Maybe you want some header for your blog. I am willing to help. Check this out. -

  6. Thank you:D I'm actually a Virgo thou,(just rubbish at posting on time:O) haha but Libras are awesome:)

  7. Thank you for the link but I make my own banners though:)



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