Thursday, 16 September 2010


Figured I'd post a little recent purchases post,I haven't be buying alot the last 3/4 months as I've been trying to save:D

 I forgot I also picked this up when I went to Cambridge at the beginning of August.My 1st MAC lipstick,its Cremecup which is a cremesheen.So far I really like it.

When I met up with Bloomzy at the end of August,I got a usamimi finally:D my 1st pair of ballet pumps(none have ever stayed on my feet before) Sleek contour kit(love) and some baby shampoo for my make up brushes(yep exciting:D)


From my trip to London at the beginning of September I visited the Inglot store in the Westfield centre.I am hooked!It was the main reason I went tbh,but I also went into other shops and did find a bowler hat in H&M,which I brought and then had to return cos it was too small:( so now im bowler less again.

This is what I went for........the freedom system
What is it? Its a system that lets you customise you palettes you can pick from 2,3,5,10 etc etc lip,blushes,eyeshadows,face powder..etc
Basically when you go in you have a magnetic board and go around the centre island picking up pans and putting them on you board.When you done the assistant takes them away,gets you new ones and puts them in your new palette.
Here what I picked,I tried to pick colours i didn't have already:D LOVE IT

I wondered into River Island sometime last week(to originally pick up some Henry Holland tights i couldn't stop thinking about:O) and I came out with this.My 1st maxi dress,I like alot of other ones I'd seen but they didn't fit right,H&M's were see-throughish and about a foot longer then me(:O and im 5'9) Love this one thou,long sleeved ,not too clingy,tie dye... only wish it was a tad longer but oh well:D

and finally I had to return the previous mention bowler:( and the nearest H&M is in Cambridge so i took a little shopping trip on my own in search of replacing it but they had none.As i was leaving thou a bandage skirt caught my eye and when i tried it on ,i liked the way it fitted.
Also took a trip to Primark,found ..nothing except a cute hotwater bottle.Seriously i found nothing i wanted in there and its a big Primark.
Somethings were nice but the quality of the item was nasty and cheap(yes i know its a cheap shop) but I'd just prefer to pay extra and know its better made and gonna last(hence my fave shops are Zara,RI and H&M ..sometimes)

As you can see in the pic I visited the MAC shop, I ONLY purchases an empty palette so I'd like to point out that those are my original shadows I depotted and put into to the palette.(just forgot to photo it empty:O)

   and then there is this......looks naf on the hanger but its such a cute little dress.Feels alittle  Kelly Brookeish,Wei son,Maya(perhaps?),vintage to me.I love that the skirt sits high on the waist but doesn't make me look massive(well to me it doesn't:D)


Still to come vids ,reviews and tutorials...i haven't forgotten


  1. The usamimi looks great on you, bb~! ♥
    & I agree, that flowered dress does look like something Wei Son or Maya Mori would wear! Totally perfect for fall too & I can so see you using your amazing new eyeshadow palette to do coordinating make with it ;Dyy

  2. I need to follow in your footsteps and SAVE THAT DOUGH!

    Ah, the ballet pumps! So they fit really well & no slipping!? Isn't it so freeing to finally find THAT PAIR of shoes! Sometimes I feel it really is a sorta once in a blue moon find to get shoes that stay on + don't kill your feet + look adorable!

    The "freedom system" sounds so cool! I wish Sephora would let you do that, even with just eyeshadows or something.

    I love the pattern & cut on that dress at the bottom! Looks great on you! And little brown belt included? I'm actually going out Sunday to find a little brown belt myself! They're so flattering~~

  3. Waaa Love the idea of that magnetic pallet thingy. The colours you picked look great!

  4. Oh that palette you got is sooo cool how you can customize it, that's so convenient! And I especially like the orange color eyeshadow you picked. It's so pretty^^

  5. Thank you,I had no oranges so when the sa swatched it i was abit fearful of how bright it is but ultimately i figured why not:)

  6. Thank you:) Only down side to it being magnetic thou is if i stick it too close to anything else metal,they get stuck to it.haha

  7. Eee I'm not doing so great at saving at the moment thou:O but I'll get back on to saving next month:D

    It really is an awesome feeling to have a pair of pumps that stay put!:D I can never find any,my ankles are nonexistent:(

    I think only inglot do it,its such a clever idea thou i can't see why more companies haven't jumped on.Ahh i wish we had a Sephora:(

    Thank you:D the belt was included,which is awesome cause i wanted a thin belt aswell.

  8. Thank you:)
    I'm so gald i went back for that dress,gotten so many compliments for it.The palettes been getting a good workout too:D

  9. Waaa Love the idea of that magnetic pallet thingy. The colours you picked look great!



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