Saturday, 23 November 2013

Inspiration: Momoko Ogihara

Murua producer Momoko Ogihara.

It's not really a secret that I love her style. There are many posts featuring her outfits.
I love her make up and hair. To me she always looks effortless stylish and sleek.
These are my recent favourites of her outfits.

Life: Current Loves

I disappeared from the internet for a while again.
I have been quite busy with moving and work. 

Quick update :Since my last post I moved into Tokyo and I changed jobs.So things have been quite stressful but very fun. 
K bought me a Kindle for my Birthday in September so I have been very preoccupied with that lol. 

Any who, on to the post.

My current loves……

Skater skirts

 I can't get enough of them , however unfortunately I only own one and a couple of dresses .
Some of my ootd pics

Topshop skater skirt 

Love love love pastels at the moment. I really wish I could dye my hair but  for my current job its a big no no.
from tumblr
from tumblr

from tumblr

Apart from hair, I am also loving mint green anything! jeans, socks,shirts, nails ….you get the picture. 
Mint jeans, Mint shirt from Forever 21 and a Soroban cd(my photo)

continuing with the mint nail polish obviously. I am really loving this mint polish(middle) that I got in Donki. It's gorgeous.
I also love the other two polishes, the Barry-m one is one I brought with me from England. and the Pa one (sparkles green,gold and blue) is another one I bought from Donki.

My favourite kinds of polishes are holographic, duo chrome and top coats like the Pa one that have little duo chrome flakes. So pretty and make nails look a little more interesting in my opinion.
pa polish,unknown and barry-m (my photos)

Cambridge satchels
I have been lusting after one of these bags for a few years now. they recently did a pastel collection too!!
from google

Current hates

the weather
That it feels like it's suddenly gone from warm to freezing in a day.We seem to have skipped Autumn which is a shame as its my favourite season. I can't complain too much thou as at least its no longer swelteringly hot and humid. Can't win 'em all ah.

and finally i hate that its x amount of days to pay day…..(TOT)

Currently listening
Jimmy eat world and Alice nine 

Currently watching 
BBC Top Gear and Wonders of Life. Love Brian Cox

Currently reading
Just finished Game of Thrones(love it! can't wait to read the rest) and I'm now reading 'Nicholas and Alaxandra:The tragic and Compelling Story of the Last Tsar and his Family' which is about the Romanovs. I've found it can be a bit dry in places, lots of detail but I am still finding it very interesting. Reading it makes me wish I could see all the beautiful jewellery and deco described in the book.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Beauty:Sleek pout paint

I wanted to try the OCC lip tars when they were released, but at the time they were difficult to get hold of and expensive for the UK( I believe they're easier to get now).  So naturally when I heard Sleek were releasing a similar product  (Pout Paints), I knew I would be buying some. 
That was back in ....ahh 2011, I think.:O

So what are they .....Pout paints( and Lip tars) are intense lip pigments that are supposedly to be long lasting and can be worn as they are or by mixing together to create new colours.
Sleek currently have 11 colours (£4.99 for 8ml) including blue and white, which can be added to the others to darken or lighten ....or you can wear them as they are if you're brave enough:D.

My current pout paint collection.

From left to right -Pinkini, Pin up, Mauve Over, Minx and Lava

I bought Pinkini ,Mauve Over and Minx before I left the UK , and the lovely Bloomzy sent me Pin Up and Lava last year.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Life: My current loves

My current loves ....

Jewellery ... more specifically rings and stacking them. I never used to wear rings as I didn't think they suited me. However now every weekend I'll be sporting at least 2 and am always on the look out for more for my collection.
This is my current favourite combo...

 After seeing all the interesting styles choices in magazines and shops here .I've gotten the biggest urge to increase my collection ( two really a collection? ) that and I can actually use sunglasses here. In the UK I find I rarely bring my sunglasses out it's so bright:D ! Love it. I currently love my Emoda sunglasses I bought back in February.

 Currently lusting after these ones....

 Love these!!

Laguna Moon

Forever 21

Victory rolls
This is a continuation from last summer. I've loved vintage styles for a long time but never really tried them as I didn't think they suited me and I thought they were too difficult. I tried vintage rolls last summer and then consequently got distracted  by work and life (found myself a lovely man: K ) and stopped practicing ......this summer however I shall perfect them!!! or at least try :D

and lastly my Muchacha cat bag 
Currently my go to weekend bag and one of my prized possessions. I saw it last year in my copy of Snap Jelly but then forgot about it until recently.After which I went on a massive internet search to find it . This was given to me by K thou.

 What are your current loves?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Update : What have I been doing?

What have I been up to in Japan ...?
 Sometimes it doesn't feel like I've been up to much but when I look back through my calendar, I have been quite busy really. Mostly work but then a far amount of social stuff too.

I recently moved to Ageo  but when I lived in Soka , my week would consist of working during the day and then teaching extra lessons and occasionally  seeing friends in the evenings. My weekends were (and still are) spent with K.
Now my weeks are pretty quiet, just working in the day and no lessons in the evenings. I'm sad to have lost the evening classes but I guess it gives me free time to study and blog ( catch up on Mad Men, Game of Thrones etc etc haha).

Anywhos enough babble are some pictures


Beauty:Make up brushes/Real Techniques travel essentials set

I've been meaning to make this post for well over a year!!!!
So a little history. I always use brushes for my make up, never the ones you get free(they tend to be shit)
I think its important to have good tools but not a necessity.By that I mean I've seen people do amazing make up using cheap nasty brush you'd get for a couple of quid and then people who spend a fortune on mac brushes who's make up is just bleh or pretty shit. My point being that they're an aid not a magic wand.

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Wow ,where has the time gone?
I have been in Japan for over a year :O.

I want to return to blogging and tweeting but I'm not making any promises as in all honesty I don't really feel like I have anything interesting to say .
I mostly want to return because I found that when I blogged before my English improved a lot and ,well I feel living and working in Japan is having a bad effect on my English (which wouldn't be so awful if I didn't need it for work and if my Japanese was actually passable).

Any who I shall try to blog and I shall try to make it relevant and interesting.


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