Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Beauty:Make up brushes/Real Techniques travel essentials set

I've been meaning to make this post for well over a year!!!!
So a little history. I always use brushes for my make up, never the ones you get free(they tend to be shit)
I think its important to have good tools but not a necessity.By that I mean I've seen people do amazing make up using cheap nasty brush you'd get for a couple of quid and then people who spend a fortune on mac brushes who's make up is just bleh or pretty shit. My point being that they're an aid not a magic wand.

Any who,so my brush first brush was a H&M brush...:O  make up brushes when I was younger where kinda hard to find (and I didn't really know about them).
 Now you can find them in most Boots or Superdurgs,not brilliant selections but at least there there.

From there I increased my collection with some Ruby &millie brushes, then Gosh ,Qvc  and finally eco tools. At that point I was content with my collection but always intended(and wanted) better quality brushes.

However as much as I like make up ,I can't justify buying Mac brushes, they're just too expensive. If I had a good job with more of a disposable income then maybe I'd splash out ...maybe.
So my optimal price range for a brush is less then £20....around £15.

Why am I talking about brushes?! Well I wanted to talk about my current favs and newest additions to my brush collection.

Real Technique brushes and Sigma.

Let's start with Real Techniques.

So this is a brand  produced by Sam Chapman of Pixiewoo. The range is all synthetic,reasonable priced and great quality.

 (Dirty brushes :O sorry I don't have any of my old photos I took of them when they were new:( )

I have the travel essentials set (bought from for around £20.99) which also came with a case/stand thing (that I did use but it got a bit bothersome after a while).

 For some reason initially,  I was disappointed.
I  think I just got over excited  by this range and  for some reason as soon as I got them I was really sad by them . However I've had these brushes for quite a while now and they are by far my favourite brushes. I would love to( and do intend to) get more of them.

When moving to Japan I had to cull my make up collection (TOT) but these brushes made the cut and I use them every day.

They have a flat base so I can stand them up.
Rubber handle
Not too expensive
Pretty easy to get hold of in the UK and the US
Great quality!
They're soft

 ehhh nothing ...except that I find them difficult to get hold of now in Japan ..but thats hardly the brushes fault.

Over all , I love these brushes and am annoyed I didn't pick up more of them before I left the Uk. Oh well such is life, I'll have to use the internet to buy them  instead :D.

 What brushes do you use and love?


  1. I definitely want to try these :D My friend has one and it's soooooo soft, so I want to buy some soon. Maybe you should have a friend send you some more~

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