Sunday, 16 June 2013

Beauty:Sleek pout paint

I wanted to try the OCC lip tars when they were released, but at the time they were difficult to get hold of and expensive for the UK( I believe they're easier to get now).  So naturally when I heard Sleek were releasing a similar product  (Pout Paints), I knew I would be buying some. 
That was back in ....ahh 2011, I think.:O

So what are they .....Pout paints( and Lip tars) are intense lip pigments that are supposedly to be long lasting and can be worn as they are or by mixing together to create new colours.
Sleek currently have 11 colours (£4.99 for 8ml) including blue and white, which can be added to the others to darken or lighten ....or you can wear them as they are if you're brave enough:D.

My current pout paint collection.

From left to right -Pinkini, Pin up, Mauve Over, Minx and Lava

I bought Pinkini ,Mauve Over and Minx before I left the UK , and the lovely Bloomzy sent me Pin Up and Lava last year.


My thoughts ....

They are bright
You can make custom colours by mixing them :D
They are affordable, they are £4.99 at the moment
They last quite fact they can be a bit difficult to remove
You don't need to use alot , so they will last you a while

They can be a bit bothersome. As in they aren't as convenient as a lipstick  and you have to apply them with a lip brush and a lipliner
For me I don't like the scent ....but I can get over it.

Pin Up on the lips

Overall, I really like this product.I especially like the fact that I can make my own lip colours.

Unfortunately I don't wear these nearly as much as I should and would like to. As I'm currently looking for a  better lipliner. The one I have is not good.
Any recommendations?

So what do you think of the pout paints? Like the idea but think they're a hassle?

(Also currently all my recent photos on this blog are taken with my iphone 4s, so I apologise for the quality.)


  1. i really like the look of minx but as you say, these paints are a lot of effort! i have the occ lip tars in bright colours and i guess they just aren't practical for topping up across the day. hmm i might do a test to see just how long they last and maybe be more brave!

  2. Kig gerne forbi min blog og deltag i min GIVE-AWAY,
    hvor du har muligheden for at vinde et valgtfrit smykke fra Dyrberg/kern <3



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