Sunday, 27 June 2010

Music Im loving at the moment

Different sort of post,I like lots of different genres of musics some faves being visual kei,jpop,rock and d'n'b.
Anyways the point of this post was I wanted to share some recent music I've been loving,I seem to be very into Uk music at the moment,the likes of Chase and Status,Ellie Gouling and Plan B etc

 Any way heres some of artists I'm loving at the moment


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Update:Outfits,make up,nails and recent revlon lipsticks I brought plus swatches:)

 So before my recent blush boom,I was craving lipsticks(still am really:O)
So after browsing my local Superdrugs and looking at the new realesed Revlon lipsticks~Color Burst
I felt drawn to the matt collections,I don't usually buy lipsticks especially drugstore ones as I find most have a lustre on them which i think looks old.
Anyways I found myself really liking alot of Revlon's lipsticks,Im usually abit wary of buying lipsticks as i don't fully know what colours suit me and I worry they'll look rubbish.So after going home empty handed I had a gander on ebay to try and find one particular colour I felt drawn to Strawberry suede and ended up finding 4 brand new lipsticks for about £10 :O which is brill considering they retail at £7.50 each!

 So I ended up getting ,Nude Attitude(which I wanted to try),Pink Pout, Pink about it and Strawberry Suede(which was the one i wanted in the 1st place)


Nude Attitude

 Pink Pout

Pink about it
 Strawberry Suede
So I like them all but my fave now is Pink Pout,I think the darker colours ages me alittle but still wearable.
however I really need to wear a lipliner with these lipsticks,so I shall have to invest:)

So my current Lipstick collection looks like this now

 All the Revlons on the left then, YSL #7 (<3), Rimmel Pink Vintage, Rimmel Sassy and finally Barry-m 101

Swatches of some of my other lipsticks
Barry-m 101
I never wear this on its own,I don't find it a particularly nice formula but it works well at concealing your lipcolour,so I use it as a base for nude lips and add pink gloss over it.

YSL #7
A fair few gyaru models have this lipstick, Kumikki, Suzu, Tsubasa (their the only ones i can think of off the top of my head)

Rimmel Vintage Pink

 I forgot to swatch the other one:o

Next lipsticks I have my eye on are MAC's Myth and Creamcup,I've added them to my wish list:)

Some other photos from recently.(i.e from the lash month till now)

Evening out at the Pub for  a leaving do and the very 1st wear of my W<3C skirt~ love it!

EOTD make up for the Evening

After Seeing Jenny's(aka SushiCat) post about theses lashes I had to buy some aswell,I've got cheap bulk ebay lashes before,but for some reason hadn't brought any more cute/different styles.Such a good way to try them out and so cheap it doesn't matter if you ruin themby layering them up:D

Nails for that week( can't take credit for the design,I was trying to do the mani that Rui has in my gal model blog spam)
Simple nude and baby pink with a few diamantes:)

Went out for a jdrama night at my friend's house,so simple make up and played around with my hot rollers:D
Forgot how much I like them,wearing the criss cross lashes from above

Playing around with the other lashes I brought,there epically long.I've nevr had a pair that touch the glasses of my glasses before:O

Went out for a friends birthday ,so dollied myself up
The works,rollers,circle lenses,both top and lower lashes,

EOTN make up photos

and my nails for this week:) OPI's Do you lilac it? with GOSH Rainbow over it(love this polish~ may includ it in my next giveaway:D)

  :o I tried to make this as small as possible but it's still a large post,sorry

Update:Leicester purchases and some blush swatches

So 3rd post today,no I've not gotten fired from work,Im just energised to post.I've been lagging the last couple of months and I don't want this blog to just disappear because of my lack of effort.So Im making more of an effort to be more active.

First off,thank you very much for all the recent comments,i still can't access my account to reply,but i will,thank you for being patient,if there s a questions you reaaly want to ask you can formspring me or twitter or the chatbox on the side.
The comments for the the 1st vlog were very encouraging and have definitely contributed to my sudden energy to blog,so thank you very much for all the positive and lovely wordsXD I shall vlog again...hmm what about thou,any suggestions?

Any ways on to my entry for this evening ,as you may know if your a regular reader I vistied Leicester about 2/3 weeks ago ,but never posted what i actually brought ~which wasn't alot on account of me being epically hungover on the Saturday I'd planned to shop:O However I did pick up a few things I had been craving recently but aren't avalible in my town.

Yep I went to Leicester and ONLY came back with 1 MAC products(Fix+) and a new Topshop cream blush...(the Vitacreme B12 was from ebay and was waiting for me when i got back home)

Although my town has a Topshop ,the make up collection isn't in all of their branches ,I was alittle skeptical of them releasing a make up range how ever its not their 1st(showing my age:O)I've got an topshop eyeshadow i brought  when I was about 13.
I'd seen a lot of good reviews especially about their cream blushes,so when i got there I couldn't pick between Neon Rose and Flush,I decided on the Neon Rose in the end as I have far too many pinks and variety is the spice of life:D

Cue Blush swatched of all my blushes:D

4 of my 5 blushes~love them all!!
From top left clockwise: MAC Azalea Blossom, MAC Well Dressed, TopShop Neon Rose and finally Sleek Pixie Pink

With flash

In daylight

I'll do a mini review of them in another post along with some other items I've been meaning to review:)

UK gals ~I highly recommend the Sleek Pixie Pink blush(the square one) its very pink and very pigmented and it reminds me of NARS -Desire and Candydolls bright pink(though I've neither so I can't say for certain if its a dupe) Cost~About £3/4ish pound bargain in comparison to NARS and Candydoll

Some gal related youtube vids

So I'm actually sitting in front of my computer for longer then I have in about 2 weeks,I ought to be commenting people/sending cvs/other important thing but I'm easily distracted and felt like searching youtube for vids of Kumikki(cos I couldn't remember is she had a silly squeaky voice...hmm random i know)
In my search I found some interesting looking vids,I only pick up bits and pieces of Japanese ,so I'm not 100% sure what some of these are about.



Looks like an interesting show

Seems to be part of a series shes done, her make up is fabulous(as always)

A bit unrelated  and as silly as it is to admit seeing as i have curlers etc etc but I still kinda want one of these,there probably rubbish.

Go check out A tube  as well for vids of Suzu ,Romihi and Kanako,they do make overs etc

ichibankao, a good place to get Japanese cosmetics

This is just a reminder post (since I've mentioned it before:D) about getting Japanese cosmetic outside of Japan,as Sara Mari just posted about Canmakes Vitamin orange cream blush(so tempted to buy) and I thought I'd remind people of a great place to get it without using a shopping service.

This isn't a advert,I just feel quite passionately about telling you all about it.


I've used them before and will use them again:DSimple to use and lots of products to choice from including high end cosemtics such a Jill Stewart and Anna Sui(amongst others) as well as the drug store brands.

Heres some examples of popular items they sell

Canmake blush 

1200 yen (includes shipping)  £8 $13

Candydoll Blush
1900 yen £14 $21

Melliesh Blush 

2150 Yen  £16 $24

Cosmagic sweet Deco blush

 2350 Yen  £17 $26

Just to point out that MAC blushes are £16.50  and NARS blushes are £19.50 so you can get a comparison on the prices.

Why are they all blushes?
No reason other than I seem to be on a really big blush high at the moment,last month I couldn't get enought of polishes and this month its blushes! I seem to favour one type of beauty product every now and then.
Im still lusting after NARS Orgasm blush and now Im wanting MACs Peachykeen and Melba Blushes too:O
So much peach:D

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Whats in my bag vlog post:D

I'm still about,just busy with friends returning form uni and watching a lot of The Big Bang Theory:O I haven't been all that social recently either ,I've been wanting to cocoon myself in my duvet if im honest.I'll be fine thou:D

Anyways I made this vlog a couple of weeks ago ,it's just a video of "whats in my bag?"I've done a post before.I just felt in the mood to do something different and well I find filming easier then typing at the moment.:O
I'd have posted it sooner  but Im still a little shy especially with vlogs

Also Don't miss out on Lucieliu's giveaway and go check out the June issue of eleanorzine for lots of lovely gals including Mitsu and HauteKeikk XD ( pssst Im in there too,lol I look angry:S Im annoyed it wasn't my best hair and make up that I submitted:()

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Giveaway resultsXD

I didn't even realise it had been nearly 2 weeks since my giveaway.I have no concept of time at the moment ,every day just blurs into one:O
First off thank you everyone for entering , I will be doing another giveaway in a couple of months,maybe when I hit 200 followers XDSo keep an eye out for that:)

Any ways the winner is.......Cherriparfait!!

Congratulates ,I've sent you an email and will hopefully post the items on Friday:)

Monday, 7 June 2010

Gyaru blog spam and some recent nails:)

I've had some issues with my commenting platform,so i can't log in to my account but will reply soon.:)thank you for all the comments.

Anyways this post is purely a Gyaru blog spam with a few recent nails photos from me

One of my fav polish at the moment is OPI's Coney Island Cotton Candy
Love this,it was pretty chip resistant too.
:( my cuticles have gone horrible recently,when im stressed or angry i tend to neglect them and pull at them

Recent one I picked up not this weekend gone but the one before,
It's Models OWN's Jade Stone which is a lovely darker Mint green then some of the other similar colours i've seen about

Gal blog Spam(since i haven't done one for a while)

Wei son
For some reason theres something about Weison that bugs me(no idea what:S) but I am loving her style at the moment

Especially these socks and shoes comboXD


Such a cute dog!!




Want some of these!

WC staff blog

Love this scarf!




This photos makes me want to get some highlights


Floral jumpsuit<3

Purple liner

Nude nails with diamante accents,simple but sophisticated <3

Awww Rui's adorable kitty


Denim + floral <3

Loving her shoes and socks combo here

As always gorgeous make up

Denim jumpsuit<3

Some Popteen models and girls

 ahh this girl really makes me want to two tone dye my hair!!

Cute W<3C plastic bags:)

and just to finish...awwwww so cute!

Will be back later in the week to finish the tutorials and to update properly.


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