Thursday, 24 June 2010

Update:Outfits,make up,nails and recent revlon lipsticks I brought plus swatches:)

 So before my recent blush boom,I was craving lipsticks(still am really:O)
So after browsing my local Superdrugs and looking at the new realesed Revlon lipsticks~Color Burst
I felt drawn to the matt collections,I don't usually buy lipsticks especially drugstore ones as I find most have a lustre on them which i think looks old.
Anyways I found myself really liking alot of Revlon's lipsticks,Im usually abit wary of buying lipsticks as i don't fully know what colours suit me and I worry they'll look rubbish.So after going home empty handed I had a gander on ebay to try and find one particular colour I felt drawn to Strawberry suede and ended up finding 4 brand new lipsticks for about £10 :O which is brill considering they retail at £7.50 each!

 So I ended up getting ,Nude Attitude(which I wanted to try),Pink Pout, Pink about it and Strawberry Suede(which was the one i wanted in the 1st place)


Nude Attitude

 Pink Pout

Pink about it
 Strawberry Suede
So I like them all but my fave now is Pink Pout,I think the darker colours ages me alittle but still wearable.
however I really need to wear a lipliner with these lipsticks,so I shall have to invest:)

So my current Lipstick collection looks like this now

 All the Revlons on the left then, YSL #7 (<3), Rimmel Pink Vintage, Rimmel Sassy and finally Barry-m 101

Swatches of some of my other lipsticks
Barry-m 101
I never wear this on its own,I don't find it a particularly nice formula but it works well at concealing your lipcolour,so I use it as a base for nude lips and add pink gloss over it.

YSL #7
A fair few gyaru models have this lipstick, Kumikki, Suzu, Tsubasa (their the only ones i can think of off the top of my head)

Rimmel Vintage Pink

 I forgot to swatch the other one:o

Next lipsticks I have my eye on are MAC's Myth and Creamcup,I've added them to my wish list:)

Some other photos from recently.(i.e from the lash month till now)

Evening out at the Pub for  a leaving do and the very 1st wear of my W<3C skirt~ love it!

EOTD make up for the Evening

After Seeing Jenny's(aka SushiCat) post about theses lashes I had to buy some aswell,I've got cheap bulk ebay lashes before,but for some reason hadn't brought any more cute/different styles.Such a good way to try them out and so cheap it doesn't matter if you ruin themby layering them up:D

Nails for that week( can't take credit for the design,I was trying to do the mani that Rui has in my gal model blog spam)
Simple nude and baby pink with a few diamantes:)

Went out for a jdrama night at my friend's house,so simple make up and played around with my hot rollers:D
Forgot how much I like them,wearing the criss cross lashes from above

Playing around with the other lashes I brought,there epically long.I've nevr had a pair that touch the glasses of my glasses before:O

Went out for a friends birthday ,so dollied myself up
The works,rollers,circle lenses,both top and lower lashes,

EOTN make up photos

and my nails for this week:) OPI's Do you lilac it? with GOSH Rainbow over it(love this polish~ may includ it in my next giveaway:D)

  :o I tried to make this as small as possible but it's still a large post,sorry

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