Thursday, 24 June 2010

Some gal related youtube vids

So I'm actually sitting in front of my computer for longer then I have in about 2 weeks,I ought to be commenting people/sending cvs/other important thing but I'm easily distracted and felt like searching youtube for vids of Kumikki(cos I couldn't remember is she had a silly squeaky voice...hmm random i know)
In my search I found some interesting looking vids,I only pick up bits and pieces of Japanese ,so I'm not 100% sure what some of these are about.



Looks like an interesting show

Seems to be part of a series shes done, her make up is fabulous(as always)

A bit unrelated  and as silly as it is to admit seeing as i have curlers etc etc but I still kinda want one of these,there probably rubbish.

Go check out A tube  as well for vids of Suzu ,Romihi and Kanako,they do make overs etc

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