Thursday, 24 June 2010

Update:Leicester purchases and some blush swatches

So 3rd post today,no I've not gotten fired from work,Im just energised to post.I've been lagging the last couple of months and I don't want this blog to just disappear because of my lack of effort.So Im making more of an effort to be more active.

First off,thank you very much for all the recent comments,i still can't access my account to reply,but i will,thank you for being patient,if there s a questions you reaaly want to ask you can formspring me or twitter or the chatbox on the side.
The comments for the the 1st vlog were very encouraging and have definitely contributed to my sudden energy to blog,so thank you very much for all the positive and lovely wordsXD I shall vlog again...hmm what about thou,any suggestions?

Any ways on to my entry for this evening ,as you may know if your a regular reader I vistied Leicester about 2/3 weeks ago ,but never posted what i actually brought ~which wasn't alot on account of me being epically hungover on the Saturday I'd planned to shop:O However I did pick up a few things I had been craving recently but aren't avalible in my town.

Yep I went to Leicester and ONLY came back with 1 MAC products(Fix+) and a new Topshop cream blush...(the Vitacreme B12 was from ebay and was waiting for me when i got back home)

Although my town has a Topshop ,the make up collection isn't in all of their branches ,I was alittle skeptical of them releasing a make up range how ever its not their 1st(showing my age:O)I've got an topshop eyeshadow i brought  when I was about 13.
I'd seen a lot of good reviews especially about their cream blushes,so when i got there I couldn't pick between Neon Rose and Flush,I decided on the Neon Rose in the end as I have far too many pinks and variety is the spice of life:D

Cue Blush swatched of all my blushes:D

4 of my 5 blushes~love them all!!
From top left clockwise: MAC Azalea Blossom, MAC Well Dressed, TopShop Neon Rose and finally Sleek Pixie Pink

With flash

In daylight

I'll do a mini review of them in another post along with some other items I've been meaning to review:)

UK gals ~I highly recommend the Sleek Pixie Pink blush(the square one) its very pink and very pigmented and it reminds me of NARS -Desire and Candydolls bright pink(though I've neither so I can't say for certain if its a dupe) Cost~About £3/4ish pound bargain in comparison to NARS and Candydoll

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