Thursday, 24 June 2010

ichibankao, a good place to get Japanese cosmetics

This is just a reminder post (since I've mentioned it before:D) about getting Japanese cosmetic outside of Japan,as Sara Mari just posted about Canmakes Vitamin orange cream blush(so tempted to buy) and I thought I'd remind people of a great place to get it without using a shopping service.

This isn't a advert,I just feel quite passionately about telling you all about it.


I've used them before and will use them again:DSimple to use and lots of products to choice from including high end cosemtics such a Jill Stewart and Anna Sui(amongst others) as well as the drug store brands.

Heres some examples of popular items they sell

Canmake blush 

1200 yen (includes shipping)  £8 $13

Candydoll Blush
1900 yen £14 $21

Melliesh Blush 

2150 Yen  £16 $24

Cosmagic sweet Deco blush

 2350 Yen  £17 $26

Just to point out that MAC blushes are £16.50  and NARS blushes are £19.50 so you can get a comparison on the prices.

Why are they all blushes?
No reason other than I seem to be on a really big blush high at the moment,last month I couldn't get enought of polishes and this month its blushes! I seem to favour one type of beauty product every now and then.
Im still lusting after NARS Orgasm blush and now Im wanting MACs Peachykeen and Melba Blushes too:O
So much peach:D

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