Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Whats in my bag? and Deco-den

I already made a draft entry that was going to included my deco den and my fashion inspirations,but I changed it to this instead ...a classic whats in my bag? and then my deco den at the end:D
So here it is inside my everyday bag.

Cosmetics for touch ups,contacts,chewing gum,allergy stuff,mirror...etcetc

the rest of my bags contents
My everday(Marc b) and another bag(Fake:( stam bag) I use often

My bag wouldn't be complete without a rilakkuma
and I added an extra chain to this bag so it was alittle different from all the other bags like it

I went down to London again this weekend,to see my favourite band D'espairsRay.
Came back with a few purchases not many though,my one and only white top,band merch,Im addicted to barley tea at the moment so I had to buy it and I finally got a pilates matt so I can actually do pilates now!!

My deco den on my old phone which broke so Im back using my older phone:(

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