Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Top 5

I don't really have anything to blog about recently,all I do is work:(Im really tired today as after work I went jogging for the first time in agesss.

Heres a mini update,
So after using the Sally Hansen hard as wraps polish for nearly a month,Im impressed with the results.Unfortantly I had to cut them all off recently as at work i bent two of my nails back and tore them(I hate bending my nails back ,so painful)
However I will be repurchasing this when and if it ever runs out,only about 1/4 of it is gone.

My recent nails over the weekend
I also played with my sleek acid palette properly with my Kryolan Uv aqua palette.Not perfect as my blending into the brow is sloppy but gives an idea of what it looks like when I actaully try.

Used:Sleek ACID palette-Pink,Orange
Ben Nye-sun yellow
Kryolan Uv palette- yellow and pink

I've been wanting to do this for a while. It my top 5 (in no order)favourite beauty and make up products at the moment.

First up,Top 5 make up items

MAC-Painterly paint pot,Fluidline-Blacktrack and Well Dressed blusher....It seems I have a MAC problem. and also included is my electric eyelash curler<3 br=""> and eyelashes!I love false eyelashes at the moment.My favourites are a pair of cris cross ones,some eylure ones that resemble MAC 7# and my lower eyelashes:D

Now for the beauty top 5
I love L'Oreal's hot straight and hot curl I counted them as 1 for this top 5 as I alternate between them depending on how i want my hair.CHI-SIlk infusion...makes my hair so soft,Cuticura-Dry skin hand and nail cream....works so much better than my other Cuticura cream,Lush-Buffy bar...I love how this makes my skin soft and I love the smell and finally Aloe Ferox-Aloe gel...amazing for eczema


  1. hey it's great to find a blogger user who lives in the UK and loves gyaru! :D how cool!
    but hey um yeah, I had a question too~ where have you found some fake lower eyelashes? :o Haven't seen any in Boots or Superdrug or then I must be just plain blind, haha! :D

  2. Hi,My name is Shihoco.Im living in Japan.
    I like your blog! Do u read Sakurina blog?? I like her too:)
    I always use fake eyelashes too.My recommend is Donki's eyelashes.



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