Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Deers?Hauls and some eyemake up

Last week there was a deer(with a baby deer too)in my garden,I do live next door to a small wood but I've never seen any deer in it.I was quite shocked,more so when it jumped the (quite high)fence next to my house:O
So I haven't been up to much again,got paid,went to the pub,went bowling,worked and then got angry at crappy customers at work...the usual.

So after I got paid I brought a few things I'd been eyeing up,Gosh concealer,Art liner in Purple and Brush
Then did this look from this youtube video i didn't have the Hello kitty palette that shesed but improvised with what I had.
The added the art liner...It lovely,im biased as purple is my favourite colour but its also got good staying power:D

An outfit from monday

:(was pulling a stupid face.

And what I brought today.The Yes Yes Yes lip butter from The body Shop which is fab! and an electric tooth brush:D
and some coconut water which I can't quite decide if i like..Its not horrible but its not lovely ..however I am now more awake:I

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