Tuesday, 11 August 2009

EOTD,recent purchases,MAC hello kitty and a studded belt!!!:O

Here's an EOTD(after clubbing I might add)photo of my eye make last Thursday, I think its safe to say I'm addicted to false lashes,I haven't
worn these particular ones for a while since I ruined the 1st pair I had and had to buy a new set.

I forgot how much I like these lashes,their really full but not too dramatic for me,and they remind me of MAC #7 lashes.

My b/f brought me up some bath salts when he came to visit me this weekend,
unfortantly I was grumpy all weekend because of a horrible toothache and being stupidly tired recently(So tired infact my Mum belives I have a Vit B12 problem:O)
I only thought I was getting a box of Onsen bath salts and then he turns up with rilakkuam ones tooXD I love rilakkuma..hence my name:D

Picked up a few things this weekend when I went shopping with the b/f:)

I love Batiste dry shampoo,I've been using it for a lonng time.It's another necessary item for me,Its so use full!:D
I use the original and the tropical,I like the tropical smell as it reminds me of pina colda for some reason.

I've been hunting for L'oreal studio secrets line for a while as I've wanted a good primer.I thought the mattifying primer sounded good,so far its OK.Not amazing but I'll give it till the end of the week before I make my final decision.

Another item I've been hunting for was a studded waist belt,I saw one a while ago (on Kumikki I believe)in Popteen I think ....can't quite remember where I saw it but I knew what it had to look like.
I searched in London when I went down a couple of weeks ago and nothing turned up until this weekend!!I'm wondering around and there it is!!Just perfect!Exactly how I wanted it!How often does that happen??almost never I'd say.
Also picked up some more Montague Jeunesse face masks,I've been into face masks alot recently.I also picked up LUSH's BB seaweed mask.

So when the MAC Hello Kitty collection was launched earlier this year I eagerly went down to my local MAC and had a look.Nothing at the time interested me and I was trying to be good with my money.So I left after telling myself "I don't need anything"

A couple of months later......I regreted not getting Pink Fish lip conditioner, even more so when I saw it in Popteen on Kumikki's make up page.I love her lip colour.
I kept checking ebay every now and then but I could only find them in Singapore for £20+ pounds and regardless of it being a limited edition product I couldn't part with that much for a lip conditioner.

About a week ago I found one for alot less then the others where asking and with 100% feedback.So i brought it.

It a lovely colour,and smells gorgeous!!So far I like it ,but I have only had it a day:O
Here it is pair with MAC painterly pot and Lancome strawberry(?) Juicy tube:D(ahhh sorry a close up of my freckl-y face)


  1. I love your eyes! The lashes look really nice!
    and I thought the same with the Hello Kitty stuff but now I would really love that lip conditioner... it looks so cute D:
    So the dry shampoo is good? I've heard of it but not quite sure what it does... does it make your hair better to style or something? #^__^#

    and here's the ebay shop! ^^

  2. am loving ur eye make!
    i looove gyaru style <3



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