Saturday, 15 August 2009

I got my kate eyeshadow paletteXD

I still don't quite get blogspot,Im more used to lj.I took that--> photo this evening after work.It was such a refreshing evening makes me feel annoyed for wasting most of the summer:(
All I do at the moment is work and sleep.I've been very tired recently( I only work 3 hours a day and I get home and im exhusted and nap for an hour)I mentioned it in my last entry.
I'm pretty sure its a B vitamins deficiency.
I had something similar 2 years ago,we thought it was poor iron storage at the time but now im thinking it's not enought B12 vitamins.
Im taking supplements to help and will be eating more Vitamin B12 rich foods to help.Hopefully I'll see a noticable differents:D

I got a few things in the mail recently,suprisingly I haven't spent all that much this month.

For the last 2/3 months I've wanted to get a new lipstick,I don't really use lipsticks but that largely becuase I don't know what colours would suit me.
When I lived near a MAC counter,I asked the MUA what colours would suit me and well..she was pretty useless and I left none the wiser.
I started thinking about the lipsticks I used to have when I was younger which were mostly Rimmel.
I've sort of forgotten Rimmel and alot of other drugstore brands becuase I feel they don't sell the specfic colours or products I want.

Anyways,since I don't wear lipsticks often I didn't really want to spend loads of money on one,so I looked into Rimmels colour selection.I found alot of the colours were shimmer-y(which I don't like for lipsticks..gloss ok but not lipsticks)until I found these two,they are Vintage Pink 108 and Sassy 020.
Best of all I got them off ebay for about £3 each:DThe new packaging they have is lovely too,so far I like Vintage Pink the best as its more wearable for me where as Sassy is pinker/redder and has some shimmer.

So a few more things I got this week were TREsemme 24 hour volume conditioner and my very first Kate palette.I've been wanting to try this for age,I brought the grey colour way(BK1) because I've got a green revlon eyeshadow palette and a bourjois brown palette but i don't own anything to make smokey eyes bar black and white eyshadows.
So far Im very happy with it.I also got DHC oil blotting paper,I was a little suprised by this ,Im used to oil blotting paper having powder on it.This doesn't and the sheets are massive!!
oddly the plastic case it comes in smells like South Africa to me,which is nice and nostalicXD


  1. I really like KATE eyeshadow palette too!
    When I finish using my VISEE's eyeshadow palette, I will buy new KATE's one:)

  2. i'm a huge fan of kate e/s palettes! so yay !!

  3. My mother had B vitamin defiency twice. It can be really taxing so I hope you get your levels up very soon!

    Oh my I wanna try those large DHC blotting papers!! All the ones I use are tiny & I have to use two :X!



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