Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Ahh it's been awhile:O

I've been slacking in blogging lately,in the last 3 weeks not much has happened.My older sister came down from Hull for a week and then this weekend I went up to London for my boyfriend's birthday.The whole weekend was awesome..tiring but awesome.
Friday I met up with my friend in Piccadilly for dinner,we went to Ryo which is a lovely Japanese noodle and sushi restaurant.We ate, caught up and then drank random Japanese alcopops.

It was rather an epic weekend with a full day up central London on Saturday with lots of walking(and ate those cakes<--- so tasty),had a bbq on Sunday and then up London again on Bank Holiday Monday. Where we wondered around Bond street and visited Selfridges...where I spent NOTHING:OIt was odd I wonder around the make up counters and nothing took my fancy.I was looking for a RMK counter ,as I saw one in Birmingham's Selfridges but I didn't find one in London unless I completely over looked it. Here's some purchases I made on the day my sister came to visit about 3 weeks ago:O
My mother now thinks Im a health freak......I suppose I am really.
So I've been taking those Red kooga tablets for 3 weeks now ,they contain multi vitamins and Ginseng.
My totally number of afternoon naps since taking them is ..1!!!!:O However that nap was because I stayed up till 5 the night before hanging out with some of my friends.
I had so many naps before I started taking these it was unreal.

My camera just won't show real colours or intensity of thing....mind you it is very old camera:O
Anywho here I've used my Kate palette and NARS cancan which is currently my only (but much loved) NARS product...Any recommendations for other NARS products?AND any recommendation for a flawless face?I have loads of freckles...I hate them,everyone thinks their cute but I hate them.I was looking into to BB creams but I don't know which ones are best:S

I'm going to Portsmouth this weekend,which I'm very excited about.I'm visiting an old uni friend from 1st year and my old housemates too:DI also hear that Portsmouth has a cosmetics company ,so im hoping to visit that while im down:D

Oh I forgot I've been working on my JET application aswell recently.Its scary,I worry how I'll do:S
Im putting alot of my eggs in one basket,so I hope I get in but I also realise it's a very popular program....SO fingers crossed:)

I'll leave you with this photo I took from the train on my way home on Monday:D Such a beautiful day.

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