Tuesday, 29 September 2009

False eyelash tutorial including lower eyelashes:D

As i mentioned in my last post,I made this the other day as I was bored and hyped up on caffeine. I figured I'd post it anyways as I might be of some use to someone.

Comments and Crit welcome:) as I know its not perfect

I love Sakurina's new hair,makes me want to cut mine off and dye it red.

I've been getting red dye urges alot recently.I wont dye my hair as I like my natural hair colour too much but I still get the urge :(


  1. you're not the only one having red hair urges :( and it's just not Sakurina either. Mine started when I watched the little mermaid and I don't think there's end for this for looong time unless I just go and dye my hair haha @_@

    and yayy thanks for the tuto! I was gonna comment on your previous post but I forgot it completely >_>;; I always have troubles putting lashes on so I shall have a look at this and ~learn~ :D Your eye looks so lovely in the last pic :3

  2. Thank you:)I hope its of some use.I strongly recommend Duo glue btw,its awesome:)

    Little mermaid was my favourite film as a childXD,I think red would suit you:)XD



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