Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Quick post -Romihi July egg eyemakeup:D

I'm having problems with my net and I really ought to sleep,but earlier I did a look form one of my egg magazines. I wanted to try it for agess but never actually sat down and did it.:O

My attemp:)
(sorry picture heavy)

I Love Aina Tanaka's nails!!

Can anyone recommend any places online that sell good clip in extensions??
Or should I just save my money and get pinch braid ones instead???

I think I'll try Romihi's August egg tutorial next.She seems to be one of my favourite models at the moment:D


  1. I bought my first clip on from Sally(s? I never remember..) and they are really good eventho you only get like one row for £18 but buying 2 of them is enough for me atleast
    (and I still got all my old clip ons here.. and use them sometimes haha! :D)
    And this is one online shop I've been thinking about using and they look good and you get quite a lot of extensions >>
    but I can't spend £100 on hair yet so I'm just using ebay for hair atm haha :)

  2. oh yeah and forgot to say, I love the makeup! you have a really nice eyeshape! :3

  3. My old extensions are from sally's (there soo old:O)
    I was looking at buying from headkandy,i've heard good things about them,but for that money I could proberly get them braided in:)I found an ebayer selling some for £35 but there's mixed feedback:(
    Ahhh I'll just have to think about it,thanks for replying thou:)

  4. Waou I just love your makeup ! (^_^)v It's really well done x)

  5. You are so pretty you got so beautiful eyes!!



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