Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Update : What have I been doing?

What have I been up to in Japan ...?
 Sometimes it doesn't feel like I've been up to much but when I look back through my calendar, I have been quite busy really. Mostly work but then a far amount of social stuff too.

I recently moved to Ageo  but when I lived in Soka , my week would consist of working during the day and then teaching extra lessons and occasionally  seeing friends in the evenings. My weekends were (and still are) spent with K.
Now my weeks are pretty quiet, just working in the day and no lessons in the evenings. I'm sad to have lost the evening classes but I guess it gives me free time to study and blog ( catch up on Mad Men, Game of Thrones etc etc haha).

Anywhos enough babble are some pictures


Needed stickers for my schedule book of course I bought cat stickers :D

Some Sakura pics from Ageo


various other sake character cups 

FOOOOOD (that K and I have made ...mostly him as I hate cooking)

Seen a lot of beautiful sunsets

Yay Britain .....but I don't like Marmalade so ...hmmm.

Mint M& them!

My view from school

My flat

Trying different flavoured Soy milks :D This ones pudding.

Seaweed salt peanut .....soooo good!

I've a moustache  problem....

Freebie from a bottle of tape!!!!:D

My time in Japan wouldn't be the same without buying  amusing character socks

Going bowling ....:/ i don't like bowling, so I'm really unsure as to why I went. Oh well it was surprisingly fun.

CAT BAGGGG +Blackmilk = loveeeee

Regret not purchasing this .....TOT ...Perfect pjs!

More food....hahaha but seriously best sandwich I've had in a long time!

Some outfits :)

BBQ and eating authentic paella! Delicious!!

Decorating my ugly back up phone battery with silly stickers

Travelled to Osaka and Kyoto XD


 Tako yaki:D

Okonomi yaki


souvenirs  ...yeah yatsuhashi was the only traditional thing I bought ...the emoji character is far more amusing.

 lastly ...

I'll do some more detailed posts in the future :) Such as Kyoto, food places etc etc :)


  1. So much in one post!
    All I remembered to say was I LOVE TSUKEMEN XD haha


    1. Thanks for the comment .
      Yeah in hindsight it was perhaps a bit too much :D. I also love Tsukemen thou XD

  2. Cat bag! So cute~ I want one, but I'm just thinking of getting the Hello KittyxVans one hahaha *so kawaii~* I love your outfits~

    1. Thank you :D
      Oh I didn't know vans and hello kitty had collaborated ,I'll have to go check it out.



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