Thursday, 13 June 2013

Life: My current loves

My current loves ....

Jewellery ... more specifically rings and stacking them. I never used to wear rings as I didn't think they suited me. However now every weekend I'll be sporting at least 2 and am always on the look out for more for my collection.
This is my current favourite combo...

 After seeing all the interesting styles choices in magazines and shops here .I've gotten the biggest urge to increase my collection ( two really a collection? ) that and I can actually use sunglasses here. In the UK I find I rarely bring my sunglasses out it's so bright:D ! Love it. I currently love my Emoda sunglasses I bought back in February.

 Currently lusting after these ones....

 Love these!!

Laguna Moon

Forever 21

Victory rolls
This is a continuation from last summer. I've loved vintage styles for a long time but never really tried them as I didn't think they suited me and I thought they were too difficult. I tried vintage rolls last summer and then consequently got distracted  by work and life (found myself a lovely man: K ) and stopped practicing ......this summer however I shall perfect them!!! or at least try :D

and lastly my Muchacha cat bag 
Currently my go to weekend bag and one of my prized possessions. I saw it last year in my copy of Snap Jelly but then forgot about it until recently.After which I went on a massive internet search to find it . This was given to me by K thou.

 What are your current loves?



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