Thursday, 16 September 2010

Music Im loving at the moment

Haven't posted a "Music Im loving at the moment" post for a while either heres what I've been listening to recently.

Can't seem to embed this one but it's Mark Ronson's the bike song ,just sounds very nostalgic and relaxing to me:D

Also been abit addicted to Katy Perry's teenage dream song (and also her..shes my current  positive body role model  because shes curvy:D)

Still loving Ellie Goulding and The XX too:D

Found all my old cds too recently so couldn't resist playing them , listened to abit of Nivana,Metallica and some Less then Jake.It was really odd listening to music i used to play soo much when i was 14 again:) I like having that nostalgic feeling thou.

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