Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I'm back!!!Update

Hey hey, I've missed blogging and I'll start by apologising for my disappearance and hope that from now on i can post weekly:D

So what have I been up to since i last posted (which was about 2 month agoTAT),not much and also a lot...ehh
I've mostly been working but then I've also been using most of my free time to see friends who are back for the summer.

I've been working on my application for a CELTA course  too since i have to get out of this humdrum town.It's also that  time of the year again where I'll be another year old ,cue mid-mid life crises where i woe and lament over being another year older and effectually achieving nothing.(no worries thou,it didn't last long this year and im back to being cheerful and XD)

Picture post for today,but I've got videos to post later this week
From July

My nails for the Norwich gal meet

The Norwich meet
I had an awesome time,everyone was lovely :D

Ancient woods near my home

Tiny frog.awwww

Dressing mode for the cinema

 Im on the road to being a crazy cat lady too:D


  1. SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK, BB~~!! ♥♥
    Loving those shoes too~

  2. woohoo you're back!!

    have you worn the shoes yet?
    i hope they come to a better fate than mine did haha

  3. So happy you're back to blogging! You're always one of my favorite reads and while I get mini updates on twitter it's not the same, yanno :D

    You ladies look fabulous and like you had a great time. Those WC-like shoes are hot!

    Also, please give me your legs. I am sending self addressed envelop now. Just drop them in the post ^_^

  4. Oh that meetup is really cute! It looks like a fun time^^ and I like your coordinate with the stripe shirt, thats very lovely!

  5. Welcome back! Was lovely getting to meet yourself, I look like a tramp laying about in that photo hehe :) Hope you enjoyed your Summer.

  6. oh crap changed my layout so got rid of my intense debate thing,pants.
    @Tori~thank you,its good to be backk.

    @bloomzy~thanks,i have worn them so far their ok bit weird to walk in compared to my other heels:S

    @mitsu~Thank you,it feel good to be back ,your right twitter updates aren't as good,i always seem to miss alot of peoples tweets:(
    Ahh you don't need my legs yours a fabulous!

    @Saramari~It was such a good meet up,relax and fun:) thank you

    @Claire~thank you,it was lovely meeting you too and you looked fab!I loved your boots:)
    My summer was good,lots of fun events but boo for work:P



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