Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Just a post to assure you all I've not forgotten about blogging and commenting.I'm just on a unofficial hiatus at the moment (which I suppose I've just made official :D)Sorry:( i do miss blogging.

Why? Aside from not having the time at the moment ,Im working on my Celta application and told myself I couldn't blog until I'd finished.Mean I know but I had hoped it would spurn me on to finish my application so I could return.........I can say that it is  nearly done XD
I am also in the process of trying to get a 2nd job as my current job can't offer me enough hours:(

What I've got planned when I return....

Reviews I'd meant to post many moons ago

  • Candydoll, dollywink, vitacream B12, Embryolisse, various lashes, all my Sleek ,all my MAC and all my Nyx

The final and third tutorial:eyebrows
Health post~weight,exercise and eating
New monthly posts on...

  • What music Im listening to at the moment
  •  possibly a new series (that i'm keeping underwraps) about gyaru
Possibly another giveaway(when I reach 300)
Possibly a cost per wear post
and of course updates on my activities and other stuff:)

So hopefully I'll be back soon XD in the mean time please check out the blogs in the blog roll:) and the interview I did for Bloomzy~here

Oh and also I'm thinking of dying my hair two toned I was gonna do it the standard half and half but after seeing Mitsu's post on  it ~here. I'm thinking about doing a gradation instead:D.I'm so indecisive thou so your opinions would be greatly appreciated :D

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