Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Life:general update,hair

Short little post,I've changed my entry titling to make it simple for people to find post that interest them.
So titles starting with life are me,other topics are Gyaru,Make up,Fashion and the odd Review etc etc

Update:I went to Wales to see my friend at uni there,it was gorgeous and just the break i needed.When I came home my Australian cousins came to stay , my mum and I took them to Cambridge for the day thou that ended up being a shopping trip rather then a historic touristy tour:O
This week I've been sorting out my life and trying to get a better job,thou i had a dream last night that i got fired!!(no i haven't been watching the apprentice) it was an odd dream thou and i didn't like the feeling.:S

About 2 months ago being inspired by Momoko's two toned hair i dyed my hair.Using Rusk dye from Sally's I dyed the under part "Light Blonde " (but the hair swatch at Sallys was really a light ash brown)thou as my hairs so dark it came out darker but i like it:).The above photos(lol cheesy grin) are the best i got and they seem to make it look gingery when its more Carmely irl.
Coming up:
  • Haul post~UD and MAC
  • MAC VV collection
  • Big Sleek post

and finally I keep forgetting to mention this:O
2 blogs I found and liked
Lovepinkcross~A whole list of Western gyaru's blog!!I never knew there so many and am touched to be in the advice bit,thank you:)

Jae's Blog~with reviews on Diamond lashes,Dollywink,Candydoll etc etcXD

I see I have a lot of new followers too,Hello XD don't be shy:)~( i love to check out new blogs) and thank you for following XD


  1. Awe, I think your hair looks lovely bb~! ♥ I can definitely see where you were going with the two-tone & I love how subtle it looks~ very natural!

  2. I hate those kind of dreams that you wake up feeling bad from, even though its just a dream you have such physical reaction to it. The mind is mysterious haha.

    Anyway, your two tone hair looks great! I want to do something like that too!

  3. Thank you so much for the link!

  4. No problem:D Your blog is cute and I was seriously amazed at how many blogs you'd gathered:O

  5. Same, dreams like that are crappy,I had alot of them while I was at uni:(

    Thank you, I just figured "screw it I'm gonna dye it",hadn't dyed my hair for so long thou,so it could have gone horribly:O hahah

  6. Thank you:D I had wanted it a little more dramatic but i ended up loving the subtle effect:D



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