Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Gyaru:Miho is back blogging!! PLUS a mini Miho Spam:D

As I've mentioned a few times Miho Ishigami is one of my favourite gyaru models!
She used to model for Ranzuki and then graduated to Jelly sometime in 09(i think),she did use to blog as well but then stopped and for the life of me I couldn't find a new blog. Noone else seem to know it(or if they did they never said) and the Jelly magazine web page never changed her blog url from her old one
Shes such an inspiration to me,her make up,her hair and her styleXD Just on the off chance I felt like checking the Jelly webpage today and  there I see they've changed her blog url  so it looks like shes back blogging!!XD~HERE

So I figured I'd so a mini spam from her new blog:D

She doesn't have a whole lot of entries yet so not a lot of photos to spam:(
Fort more check out this gal spam ~HERE or  her old blog~HERE


  1. She has such amazing style~~

    Damn those official mag sites they never update ANYTHING. =_=

  2. She is too fabulous ♥ Great choice for inspiration!



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