Sunday, 24 October 2010


Ehh yer I'm blogging about Moleskines,odd I suppose.Let me explains thou,I love planners,schedulers,note books etc etc.Not  entirely sure why but I do love having a book I can take with me everywhere and writing my plans in them.

I was researching Moleskines last week again and saw these special edition note books!!

Pac man

Marc Jacob

I like both designs,thou I'd probably buy the Marc Jacob one just because it more my style(I actually think I did a print like that in my second year of uni:O)

Anyone else like planners/note books?


  1. The Pac-Man ones are so cute! ♥

  2. Pacman Moleskins!!! XDDD How amazing! XD I have a Moleskin planner myslef and they are A+ :) Marc Jacobs one is also very pretty~

  3. I didn't even know designer versions existed! I had a friend who was really into these too, he used them for writing ideas. I used to be obsessed with planners but now I just use my phone. I've had to stop buying them because they'd never get used (but I still pine for them whenever I see em!)

  4. i was almost tempted to get the pac man one just cause its pac man:D I've no need for more notebooks thou:(
    I shall be getting a moleskine diary thou:D

  5. Neither did I,I love that they do it thou:D
    I use my planners all the time,can't get the grips with my one on my phone (plus I like writing plans down:D)
    I still get the urge thou i buy all the cute planners i find,have to resist and walk away haha:D



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