Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Make up:MAC lipsticks

So in my previous hauls post I showed my two new MAC lipsticks but I saved the swatches and talking about them for this post:D

As I said before I've grown a little tired of nude and pink lips,I still love them but I fancied a bit of a mix up.As for the great gyaru debate~ "gyaru don't wear brights!!only nudes!!"  Tbh I'm not overaly bothered by  it as I just wear what I like and I think there are plenty of gyaru~model or western alike who wear brights and still look gyaru:D  
So back to the post....
I have some bright lipsticks already ( my Revlons ) but their Matte (formula descriptions summary~HERE) which can be drying and personally I think they need a liner.

So here the MAC I picked up ,both are Amplified Cremes(which are High impact and high color formulas) ,I picked up Vegas Volt described on the MAC site as a "Full Power Coral" and Impassioned described as a "Amped Up Fuchsia"

Pardon the crappy lip photos,they were a tad rushed.
 Vegas Volt


My MAC lipstick collection so far..

Here they are swatched with Creme cup which is a cremesheen

So what do I think of them:
(DISCLAIMER~Not recommending as different colours suit different people and different products react differently as well,i.e one product might be a persons HG  but for another it just wont work.This is just my thoughts and opinions on them)

Creme cup was an impulse buy which I don't regret in the slightest :D(I seldom impulse buy anymore and if I impulsively want something when Im out ,I usually still have my  willpower to talk me out it buying it:D )
 Described on the MAC website as a "Light Blue pink" which I think is pretty true,its perfect for me to wear as an everyday lipstick. The formula is gorgeous,not drying and quite moisturing (but not as much as my YSL).I often pop it on for work:D

As for Impassioned and Vegas Volts, I'm usually kinda shy of bright lipsticks .So it was completely out of character for me to get either of them,but I am very happy with them.Their opaque,creamy and super pigmented. Surprisingly they last a fair bit and so far*touch wood* hasn't left me with the dreaded lip ring thing some lipsticks do when they've faded:O

 Price:£12.50 (thou I got Impassioned free with my back to MAC ) To me that is and  isn't expensive if that makes sense,there are certainly cheaper lipsticks but there are also plenty that are double the price.Besides I'm a quality over quantity and price kinda girl so if a products definitely works and is amazing I'll surely consider buying it.

Amplified creme  and Cremesheen are so apt for these lipsticks formulas.For me I can safely say these lipsticks are in my most loved collection alongside my YSL Rouge Volupte #7.

Next on my wish list is MAC Russian Red and YSL Rouge Volupte, Rouge Pur and Rough Pur Couture(yerr I liked my YSL that much I want more)

Do you wear bright lipsticks?Whats your favourite?


  1. girl you HAVE to get russian red. if i had to own one lipstick ever it would be that.
    Rocks my world....although it is a matte, so you may want to use a moisture rich base first :D
    p.s we live so close....why dont we hang out!!!

  2. Wow, those lipsticks are GORGEOUS! D: I can't decide which one I like better, Vegas Volt or Impassioned~
    & for the record, I'm with you on the lipstick debate~ who says you can't wear brights & still be gal? Silliness, haha! xP

  3. You made lovely choices with lipstick. I like nude lips, but on me nude lips don't look very good so I'm trying to using brighter colors recently. I like the Impassioned color!
    Right now I am using a color that is almost red, like a really dark pink or something.

  4. Next on my list:D thats the 2nd recomendation of it I've got,matte reds are hot thou:D

    We need to hang out more:D,im just rubbish and hardly ever go to Norwich:(

  5. Thank you:D I'm the same ,sometimes I like Vegas Volt more ,then other times it's impassioned:D
    It is silly,I've seen loads of gals wearing brights:) glad Im not the only one who thinks this thou:)

  6. Thank you,I do love some nude lips but I think light pinks easier to wear:)
    Your lipstick sounds lovely,yay for brights :D



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