Sunday, 17 October 2010

Life/Make up:Haul post feat:Urban decay,MAC and new boots

I had planned on this post being up mid last week but my wireless adapters broken and consequently I'm having to use the family computer(which i don't like and doesn't have any of my programs or photos on:()

Anyways this is a haul post of a few items I've brought recently

I hate it that companies all have different sizing and fits,annoys me.These boots are a 6 but they feel very loose,I tried on the 5s thou and they'd have crushed my toes:( so 6 it was,I can deal with it, just wish sizes where more accurate.I can be a tiny size in some shops and then others I'm a significantly lot bigger~confusssing :S

Recently make up buys,from the looks of thing I've been very naughty but the Urban Decay items where significantly reduced at my local T J Hugh(and sealed I might add,cos I hate buying unsealed make up)
The eye shadow was £3.99 instead of  £12.50 and the brow box was £6.99 instead of £15.99

Picked up the new Sleek shimmer blush in Rose Gold after I'd read other blogs and heard people say it was a dupe for NARS orgasm blush (one day I'll buy it ,I swear) but for the time being I'm very happy with my Sleek dupe seeing as its £3.99 instead of NARS £19.50 :O
I also unexpectedly visited my nearest MAC when my mum and I took my cousins to Cambridge.So I took the opportunity and Back to MAC my containers to pick up a free lipstick and get an empty palette for my shadows.
However I couldn't decided on which one ,it was a choice of Vegas Volt and Impassioned (thou Hana's talk of Russian Red on twitter greatly tempted me:S) as recently I've had a really craving for a coral lipstick which just manifested into a craving for bright lipsticks in general.:O
I've just grown a little bored of pinks and nudes.Don't get me wrong,I still love them but I fancied a change.
In the end I couldn't decide and just brought the other lipstick,so I got Impassioned free and paid for Vegas Volt(pictures coming up in other post)

My current MAC collection(I didn't  just buy all theses ,I've collected them over a period of time)
Here's what it looked like this time last year only really change surprisingly is the lipsticks and me putting my eyeshadows into empty palettes. Oh and the 2 polishes I picked up from the VV collection(saved for another post thou:D)
This is the tutorial I used to depot my shadows,if anyones interested~HERE

Now for swatches:)

 Comparison photos of my current eyebrow powder(NYX) and the new Urban Decay one I brought.

 Both my Sleek blushes swatches together including the newest one~ both have great pigmentation.

 The new UD shadows I got and I also picked up a product that transforms any shadows into a liner~Its clear but here I've used it with  Barry-M dazzle dust,it's more of a novelty item to me but it's still impressive.:)

All my MAC eye shadows swatched just because I've never done it before

Thank you for reading:D
Feel free to ask questions and I hope you all enjoyed it:)


  1. Loving all your new gets! ♥
    I hate it when shoes have weird fits too... I'm normally a perfect size 6 but then I'll try on a pair of shoes & have to get a 6 1/2 or even a 5 1/2 depending on the make. It is really annoying! XD
    That Rose Gold Sleek blush is gorgeous~

  2. Glad to know I inspired you :) I have become such a MAC lipstick junkie and I love the Russian red. Instant glam!

    What is your favorite brand of eyeliner?? In the market for one. Almost all of my smudge after a while so annoying!!

  3. Man some shoes...I just can't fit em right. I guess I should say they don't fit me haha. I tried on this pair of just lovely blue shoes. The 9 1/2 fit my left foot perfectly, but crushed my right. And the ten fell off my foot when I walked... I should have just got them and got heel pads.. Oh well.

    Great make up haul! The blushes are especially lovely, so vibrant!!

  4. My MAC collection has grown a lot since last time I posted it.... :O
    I love the shoes! Is Englang getting really cold as well? I need to stock up on socks and warm leggings and shoes boohoo T_T

  5. Wow this just is so lovely to see and you do swatches like nobody's business! That transforming potion looks cool, but I agree it seems more of a novelty ^_^;;

    I hate shoes that way, too. Some much too big, some too tiny in the same store same brand >_< No consistency!

  6. Aww thank you:) I couldn't resist the transforming potion the possibility of infinite colour options swayed me:D

    I hate the inconsistency,it just puts me off buying from those shops completely.I may venture in but I'm always reluctant to buy:(

  7. You'll have to post a collection photo,i love seeing peoples collections:D
    Thank you:) It is getting quite cold here(thou i think i feel it more than the average person:O) I found myself sleeping in socks which I hardly ever do:O

  8. I think i'm getting quite hooked on their lipsticks,I've still got Russian red on my wish list :D so hopefully next time.

    ohhh thats a tricky one,I use MAC fluidline which I really like and have no probs with(thou it has dried alot and could be more black ) but some people find it smudges thou:S
    I hear Bobbi Browns gel liners are suppose to be good too.(expensive thou)
    As for liquids?I'm still in the market for one.Isn't dollywinks liquid liner suppose to be good,I'm thinking of trying a Rimmel ones next.
    Do you check ? I like reading the reviews there before i commit to buying a new one,cos i hate buying something that doesn't work:(
    Hope thats of some help:)

  9. Thank you:)
    it's just so annoying,makes me wearily of buying online in case somethings sized funny:(

  10. Thank you:D their really pigmented for their price!
    At least I'm not the only one with shoe sizing issues,I really wish there were no issues thou but then I guess then I'd have a whole lot more shoes:O and alot less cash:D hahaha



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