Monday, 23 November 2009

Eye make up and some gyaru models I find inspiring:D

It was 25% of at Debenhams recently ,so i brought some more Elizabeth Arden.i've seen mixed reviews of it ,but I like it.I get eczema sometimes and this works really well for a quick fix,doesn't smell so great(its grown on me) and the texture is very sticky and thick but again this works well for my eczema and cuticlesXD
NEW shoes!! I haven't brought new shoes for a very long time(prehaps 5/6 months?) I saw these and feel in love with the shape and the fact they have a strap.Shoes have a tendency to fall off my feet:(

Some eye make up posts,like I've posted before I love doing smoky eyes at the momentXD

EOTD face from last week:)

I actually took those photos after I made my second video which is a time lapse of my make up routine..However I still haven't posted my 1St video yet!XD(Getting ahead of myself)

Should I post my Video??

I made this post last week so I'll be posting either today or tomorrow about my weekend in London ...with a haulXD

Now for some gyaru inspiration

I'm loving her style at the moment-make up and clothingXD

Shame shes's not updating her blog any more:(


I like her style,its cute and girly



I love Nonoka's hair colour(though it's back to blonde now,the purple is lovely )

I also love aspects of Kumikki,Aina and Romihi stylesXD

Photos from models blogs and Gal_style on livejournal:)


  1. I love gyaru style, and I like so much your shoees *__* sorry for my english, it isn't good :)

  2. Both your smoky eye & your new shoes are FABULOUS <3!!
    Mipo & Mari are super-cute... Which magazines are they from? I find almost all gyaru model blogs inspiring because they all have such signature styles :3

  3. love your makeup XD

    i really love mipo's style too :D and her makeup is always so flawless..

  4. your makeup looks always so great! i love misaki and mari too♥ :D

  5. @Marta y Hiro~me too!!thank you:) and you english is good!:)

    @sequindreams~Thank you!They are my two favourite models at the moment,Mipo used to model for Ranzuki but now models for JELLY:D and Mari is in Popteen and is best friends with Kumikki:D
    Im the same I've got a whole bunch of blogs i visit alot because I like them alll:D

    @pinksugarichigo~thank youXD Shes my biggest inspiration recently,and her make is gorgeous!!

    @chinsa~Aww thankyou:)yer i saw Misaki in your header on your blog,shes too cute!



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