Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Which lenses should I get next? poll

This post is related to the poll on the side bar there-------->

I've had G&G BT02 Brown,Angel Grays and Angel Browns

#1 Barbie King Brown

#2 G&G BT02 Green

#3 Misty Gray

#4 Misty Green

#5 Angel Green
Or #6 Buy Angel Browns again

I'd just like some opinions please?:)


  1. Can I ask you where you're gonna buy yours? I wanted to get some really blue ones and I've only found black/grey ones :S

    I love the first ones and I'd like a pair for myself too :) and I also like the misty greens!

  2. Ooh I'd love to get the 1st (Barbie brown) or 3rd (misty gray). And I think these would look very good on you too. ^^
    I would also like to know where to purchase these from! Never had ones before, but contemplating on trying out a pair in the near future, so if you could give a tip on where to get the ones mentioned it would be greatly appreciated(:
    Thankyou, you have a great blog and I have enjoyed reading it!

  3. @Kati and Delicious afternoons~Thanks for you votes:)I'm still split between the mistys and the barbies:S

    I usually buy my lenses from but I just missed her preorder this month and shes also doesn't stock(not to mu knowledge) the Barbie kings or mistys or any of the other ageha promoted cirlce lenses.
    She does have an awesome collections of other lenses including the geos.
    This time I'm buying from, I've never brought form her before but shes got good feedback and I've seen her around livejournal for a while.

    However her preorder ends today(?) or the 15th of novemeber but shes in singapore so their about 7 hours ahead.

  4. i bought from .. She's really reliable! xoxo

    I like #1 Barbie King Brown and #3 Misty Gray the best!

  5. I really like the first one, though it is the most natural-looking haha!
    The Misty Green is realy pretty too <3.

  6. Angel brown & angel grey are my fav.
    You should try out Brown CTS wing series they look natural <3 x

  7. brown... because they look more natural and still pretty!


  8. i love #3
    it's very cu-te~

    by the way love your site



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