Sunday, 8 November 2009

Finally! An update:D

Sorry for the absence,My computers been down for a week and a half and I didn't fancy arguing with my (older:O) sister for the family PC ,which she has grown very attached to recently:S.

Other then computing problems ,I've been working(as usual...boring)
However I did get ...... promoted at work and now will be on a trial run of being the new stock assistant(or a title like that).

So in honor of that,I got home last night at about 12.40am...........from work!!!:O
It was our annual stock take,which took a lot longer than anyone had predicted.

Unlike my colleagues though I enjoy stock take(I must be odd),so it wasn't too much of a bore.I prefer it to dealing with customers,largely because my shop has a magnet for all the angry customers out there.

Here's abit of a picture post

Made sushi again,haven't made it for agesss
brought L'oreals Lash Serum and the new Sleek palette

I got this about 2 weeks ago but was um-ing and ah-ing about it
I kept it and I love it .
I think I'm getting addicted to berets:O

and I'm running low on my colourstay I thought I'd make the most of Boots current 3 for 2 offer.

I'm not liking Revlon colourstay as much these days,its alittle too cakey looking I feel for my everyday(work) look.
I'm currently researching other foundations to replace it as my everyday one.NARS looks good,but I think its very expensive ,so I'm thinking about bare escentuals.I've tried it before,but I'm unsure.

Any foundation suggestions??

Oddly I can remember roughly which foundations seem to crop up the most in gyaru magazines. From what I can remember,Revlon seems a favourite in Egg and NARS in JELLY (otheres seem to be a mix of those two with some MAC and RMK thrown in as well)
I notice a lot of MAC products in Popteen and Aya Suzuki from Ranzuki last time I looked had a lot of NARS products.
I don't know why I've remembered these things:S

Speaking of gyaru...It's something that interest me and influences me a lot yet oddly I NEVER post about it.I suppose I don't because I feel that my knowledge's is lackingand that I don't think that I'm a particularly stylish person.I try though.

However I will be trying to post more about other things that interest me so this blog isn't solely about my recent purchases:D

Anyways here's a few images I saved from the Shibuya109 online store not too long ago.

Love this!!
I seem to gravitate to GLADNEWS and Gilfy styles with what I like ...but I like some cuter styles like in Popteen and Ranzuki too.I have too many things I like,so recently I've been trying to stick to a similar kinda style.

All Gilfy

I love these types of hat,haven't found anything similar in the UK:(


EDIT:I fotgot I pick this up the other day
Currently in the UK,you can get a free Nail Inc polish with this months edition of GLAMOUR.
I got Elizabeth Street which is desribed as a ivory pink.


  1. blagh, your sushis look so good, Boyfriend tried to teach me once, but my sushi's looked like crap, while his looked just perfect!


  2. congrats on the promotion!!!

  3. Was the sushi tasty? Looks good :) xx

  4. The sushi you made looks delish!!
    & omgosh you're so pretty, lol <3! I really like your leopard beret... I haven't seen any in the grey colour like that!
    Aren't GILFY hats amazing though? I'd die to get my hands on one (or any actual J-fashion item XD)

  5. @toothfairy~ thanks,ahh but you don't seen all my mishapen ones that I didn't include for the photos:Ohehe just takes practice and eating of the failed ones before anyone can see them:D

    @Yumeko~Thank you! XD

    @Fieldscarecrow:D~ It was ok,I left it too long while I hunted for phantom wasabi so it wasn't as fresh any more:(xx

    @sequindreams~ Aww thank you:)
    I've not seen any grey ones either(apart form this one XD)After I brought it I found a scan with a GLADNEWS one just like it!

    A gilfy hat is on my most wanted list!!Along with a fair few other items from the shibuya 109 store:(



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