Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Egg Part 2 and My MAC collection so far

As promised here's part 2 of Egg August 2009

After getting the sculpt and shape powder last week I wondered how big my MAC collection was growing .So I took a photo of my collection so far(minus my #7 &#33 lashes ..opps)
(not very big in comparison to other peoples)

Here what I used the most out of my collection at the moment(I have been using my sculpt and shape powder alot this week too)

and while taking photos of my MAC collection I ended up taking photos of most of my make up collection(I need a better storage system)
I thought I had more then this:O

So Saturday night was suppose to be a BIG night out with all my friends but in the end only 2 came out and I felt a little like a 3rd wheel to begin with but then they realised that I was also there and started talking to me more.I hate it when people bail on plans.

My eye make up from Saturday night,just a simple brown with fluid line and (very quickly applied~hence the crappy appearance) false lashes, no bottom lashes this week as I had to rush with my make up :O

So the rest of last week and this week have been pretty quiet,I've got hooked on new programs on TV specifically Scrubs(I love Scrubs!!) and True blood.
Any body else been watching it?What do you think?Or been hooked on anything recently?
With the weather being horrible I've not really wanted to go out either.

It's been bitterly cold here recently and today it rained all day.I have to walk to work and forgot that I have a hole in my right shoe.Thus I get to work and have one dry foot and one soaked foot and no dry socks to change into TOT and yet I was still in a good mood:S

I've posted sky photos before but as I'm a sucker for beautiful sky photos,if I see one I have to take a photo and I figured I'd share:D
and finally a photos of my whole face:O (with my new hat from the previous post:D)
I figured it was about time I posted a photo that had my whole face in it,not just half or a quarter.
I haven't posted my whole face before as I've been too shy .Sounds silly really,but I'm just not very brave.I'd like to do videos as well but again I'm not brave enough.....maybe one day I will:D

and too finish this largely pointless post cat!!!Isn't she cute!

I am so going to end up a crazy cat lady...oh well:D


  1. So you also like MAC?
    Me too <3
    I have concelear. :)

  2. oh u are super pretty <3

    love the lashes u are using toooo!!

  3. @Aralka~ I love MAC,spend far too much on it:O

    @Yumeko~Thank you:D They are my favourite lashs,good for cday and night looks:)

  4. You should definitely not be shy about posting your pic, you're adorable! :3
    Your make collection is pretty big, haha~ much bigger than mine! The only MAC product I've tried is the Lip Glass, but I am dying to try some of the eyemake. I love how vivid the colours look.
    & I swear, I would love to hire you as my makeup artist! All of your eyemake photos look gorgeous <3.

  5. @sequindreams~Your too kind:)thank you.
    I could easily spend way too much money on MAC,its a vice of mine:O
    Their shadow's are really good,love them all(well all the ones I have):D Infact just today I was thinking about some neutrals colour I would like to get:)



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