Monday, 12 October 2009

Egg Part 1 scans,rilakkuma,MAC ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

I didn't get sick in the end(>V<)thanks for the comments though. However I haven't posted at all last week as I've been It's a shocking thing really because on a number of occasions I can be quoted as saying " I hate cooking" which although true I really ought to clarify myself when I make such broad comments. SO here it is.........I hate cooking for ONE,cooking for myself just irritates me.I think I'd gotten so used to thinking that I hated cooking in general that I'd forgotten how fun it can be to cook something tasty. So this week I tried a new dish from good housekeeping and made a very tasty(my mum had seconds,that never happens:O) Fish pie,I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome as I don't often cook because I also think I kinda suck at it.

Well I wasn't cooking all week,I've also been helping my mum with our washing machine fiasco:O

and what a fiasco indeed, our old machine gave up the ghost last Sunday.So I've been on many trips (not willingly ,she picks me up after work)to the local electrical store. 2 days later and a lot of Internet searching for deals ,we finally picked a machine only to have to wait until today to have it delivered.Now we have the washing machine but there are issues with the company over delivery and a new dent in the side of it and missing pipes so we can't use it.....I just want to do my washing!!!!( ̄へ ̄)

and ontop of that I've been trying to do an number of other little things including scanning my Egg August 09 mag ,so here's the scans ...only part 1 at the moment
(in case they weren't taken from my LJ or jmagazinescans@LJ either)

On the weekend,I also took a trip to see my bf who greeted me with these
I haven't really been given flowers before,so it was a nice suprise XD He also gave me a late birthday present(my birthday was only last month thou i just haven't seen him for along time)

i got ..RILAKKUMA!!!!XD as you be able to tell from my name,I like rilakkuma alot.So anything rilakkuma is always a sure fire hit with me:D
The MAC lashes I was very shocked to receive ,more so by the fact that my bf remembered from a very long time ago ,me telling him that these ones where the ones Kumikki used and that I wanted to buy them one day.


Since I was in a city that had a MAC counter and a H&M( my town is so small it doesn't even have a Primark:O let alone a MAC counter) I got myself the Dsquared2 sculpt and shape powder as I badly wanted to try these when I found out about them about 3 months ago(but by which time the original collection was long gone) Also got a cute beret as I currently have a hat's a tad worrying actually,I am amassing alots of hats.
Picked up a free EAT-JAPAN magazine/booklet to read on the train and my bf gave me a copy of his old bands re-release cd(which I actually thought was really good)

Oh I forgot to post these last week,one of my LJ friends posted about how good the Garnier eye roll on is ,so I decided to give it a go.As I've not been sleeping well recently(seem to be ok now)I've gotten some unsightly dark circles under my eyes.I've been using it for 2 weeks now,and I really feel like its made a difference.Not a drastic one but I feel their not as noticeable as before.

Ahh two more of my addictions,Barry M and Lashes :O
I love Barry M products,such good value and pigmentation for the price.

What are everybody elses current addictions??
To add to my hat, nails varnish,lashes ,MAC and Barry m addictions.... is tea,I had a tea cupboard at Uni,it began as a drawer then got its own cupboardXD

Next post:Rest of egg,comparison between MAC #7 lashes and Eylure, and Hair inspirationXD


  1. I like cooking. When I have time :D In school week I guess I am too busy.

    So you live in Japan?

    waaaaa *__* I love rillakkuma! He is so cute!
    And I think your bf really loves u and listens you. its really nice that he has remembered what did you say ^_^

  2. Bottom lashes are total love! And purple + green eyes are so lovely & complimentary~~

    The Garnier eye roll sounds interesting! I'm gonna look into it. I have Boscia's Eye serum for my dark circles. Works great but it's so $$$ I'd love a cheaper alternative.

  3. @Aralka~I don't live in Japan unfortantly:(
    I'm really starting to enojoy cooking which is a nice change:)
    I love rilakkuma too:D

    @Jen~I'm addicted to bottom lashes at the moment:O
    I've heard good things about the garnier roll on,worth a try if its considerable cheaper then the Boscia :)

  4. I thought you were Japanese too, I also like Rilakkuma a lot. I'm starting to have my Rilakkuma rainbow collection that I bought from my favorite online shop 



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