Saturday, 27 March 2010

Hello ,sorry I've not been around

I've not really felt like blogging or being online at all recently.Sorry about that:( just feeling low.
You can read more on my personal blog ~ here
But its restricted,so i think i have to add peoples emails to allow u to read it thats if anyone actual wants to read it.

Back to the update,
Just some photos for the time being.

My blackberry wallpaperXD

Photos from my trip to Hull and Leeds

My sister's crazy cat complete with cute neckscarf(thats her coller:O)

and her crazy dog.....all her animals are crazy:O

Mirror shot~outfit,H&M jersey biker jacket,GLADNEWS tshirt and WC hat plus RI jeans and boots:)

My cousin's GORGEOUS cats..their sooo beautiful!!!

Such intense blue eyes!

Purchases for the weekend:)

Finally my JELLY arrived aswellXD
Must find JELLYx Gilfy mag!!

and this week my circle lenses arrived,have been without lenses since around the summer i think.

Comparison photo of Well Dressed and Azalea Blosson~recommend both!!


  1. i love the azalea blossom blush ^^

    am well gutted, i bought a MAC eyeliner trio from the stand in heathrow, then smoothly left it on the plane >.< gonna hit the MAC counter in Shibuya today...

  2. You always buy the best stuff :) Look at all those lenses!!

  3. Wow, lots of great photos. All the animals are very cute hehe.

    I like your outfit shot, you look very cute and the Garfield on your mirror hehe!

    Will you write reviews of the new lenses?

  4. MAC prettiness!!

    I want to be added if you don't mind. I feel silly supporting you fashionwise and not the rest. Ladies gotta stick together <3

    OMG that Siamese is so pretty!!

    So many circle lenses you scored the jackpot and yay for Glad News! <3

  5. May I be added to your personal blog too? I don't have a personal blog but I do have a personal LJ, so if I can add you on LJ too. :D

    Yay for JELLY! I'm waiting for mine too! :3 I hope you post photos of the lens worn with names and where you got them from. I love circle lens too :DDD

  6. Yay for photos! <3
    I love your coordinate~ GLAD NEWS + w<3c = MY LIFE <333 lol
    You got so many lenses too! Pics soon? ;)

  7. Hi, Lanna chan.
    Yeah, I understand how did u feel when you want to be online, sometime I feel totally same way.
    just take easy to keep blogging!

    You got many lenses! Cool!
    I need new one too...



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