Sunday, 7 March 2010

London, MAC Blush Ombre and the recent Poll:D

So I'll start by talking about the poll I had up recently about what you'd like to see me blog about.
I put it up as I was feeling a little lost as to what I wanted this blog to be about anymore.I originally started it as a beauty blog.It has evolved to include other aspects of my interest and life but I will keep the majority of anything too personal on my Livejournal,which you can add if you wish to read .(lol but I haven't updated for a while:O so that pretty pointless)

Thank you for voting XD Im surprised at the results thou:O

72% Fashion
60% Tutorials
52% Beauty/Make up
40% My every day like(life lol typo)
16% Reviews
8% for both all of the above and for Vlog.
Well I can't say I'm too surprised since I did put the options up there,I mean it would far more suprising if something I hadn't put up there came out top.Like blog more about Meerkats!or  philosophy!:OIm just rambling now:O

I surprised because I wasn't expecting as many votes as it got and..
While I put Fashion as an option and I love fashion ,I don't think of myself as being a specifically fashionable person if anything I think that I'm lacking in style and it does cause me some distress sometimes:O
Hmm though,what to blog about fashion wise.....maybe I'll just surprise you:) unless anyone had any request,same goes for Tutorials,request are very much welcome.
I'd suspect Tutorials wanted would be........
Eyeliner?False lashes?Eyebrows? 

Ok on to London,if you follow my twitter you may have been aware I went down to London yesterday to celebrate my uni friend's Birthday.

It was a lovely day,we met in Covent Garden first and ate a tasty lunch in a cute bar/restaurant (forgets the name:O)

 Wondered around there for abit where we saw some people in odd all in one suits,like extreme jumpsuit that covered their faces ~Morph suits?
it was odd none the less.

then on to Harrods....
Were we looked at lots of pretty things and  saw £1500 shoes O_o !!!they where gorgeous thou ,if only.

Then headed to Camden !For drinks and relaxing as Harrods kinda took it out of all of us.
we ended up staying there from about 3/4ish until I left to go home:O

 Mmm cranberry and VodkaXD
 I ended up getting home at 11.30ish but I left my friends at 8ish.Why so late??Bloody trains!!!I don't mind delays and cancellations as long as they tell you!!!There was nothing on the net about all my trains being moved to Liverpool street so i ended up missing my train and having to get the next one which got me home so late!

It was a lovely day though if a bit cold and tiring(feel asleep on the train twice:O) but fun:) and lovely to see friends I hadn't seen for a while.

Got  2 things while I was near some shops I don't have up here.

Impulse brought media case from Paperchase(love Paperchase) for my camera
Final Fantasy postcards given by friends but will give to the bf (as I'm not very interested in video games:O)
MAC Blush Ombre~Azalea Blossom from HarrodsXD So pretty
and My new Blackberry that I brought on Friday not Saturday I just didn't have a photo of it yet:D

Close up:D

Did everyone else have a good weekend?


  1. nice colour blackberry and cool postcard ^^

    tehe i qould lvoe a tutorial on eyeborws since i dont trust the beauticians here

  2. So jealous of the purple blackberry!
    Do you have Deco plans for it anytime soon?

  3. I love your new phone!! The purple is such a cute spring color <3 and OMG that blush is to die for. It's gorgeous!!

    I am 100% for a tutorial on eyeliner. Give me your skills please <3

  4. It's great you got many votes on your poll, I hope you will be able to use the results. I want to do some polls like that too, but I wouldn't know what to do with the results haha.

    Thanks for sharing all the great photos of your outing! The MAC blush you got is so awesome and pretty!

    I love purple phones too, my last phone had purple on it so I always bought phone straps to match it. But now my phone is just black and silver :/ haha!

  5. AHHH! The MAC blush...I really want it!! So jealous jealous jealous!

    Also, your blackberry is cute. Purple is such a great color!

  6. Lol meerkats :) Loving the blusher and false eyelashes tut pleasee :) I love this blog!!!

  7. Trains here are the same. It's more like a guessing game than a schedule =__=;. Looks like you had a fun time! The sun was out the whole time too?!?

    The new BB come is great colors D:
    Mine's just boring red + black, gaah!

  8. Awe, I think you're a very stylish person! Everyone has their own look & I think that's what's so great about fashion... You really can never have too many fashion bloggers, haha xP
    That cranberry & vodka looks yummy & I love the colour of that MAC blush! Is it very vivid?

  9. i totally want that blush!
    and i need your new blackberry
    my curve is just no longer doing it for me!

  10. @Naka~thank you:) Im working on the eyebrow tutorial,should be up soon.

    @Sami~thanks:D I hadn't thought of deco-ing it.At the moment im basking in its nice shiny newness:) but now that you mentioned it I'm thinking about it:D

    @Mitsu~thank you,I did want a darker purple but Im liking this one alot now,it is very spring.
    Its a gorgeous blush,so pretty~I recommend.
    I've done the eyeliner one,just need to edit and post:D

    @Sarimari~Thanks,the poll was very helpful,you should do one too.Im sure you'd find a a use for the results:)

    @Hana~:Ohaha thanks,its a gorgeous colour,i crumbled and brought it since I've not seen anything similar.
    Purple is my favourite colour:D

    @Clairy~thank you:) I've got a false lash tutorial already but I will be doing an updated one soon.I think I've seen that compare the meercats ad too much:O

    @Jenny~Thanks,I don't usually have too many probs with the trains here but that was just mega annoying.
    Yer the sun was out most of the day,its was a lovely really.I like sunny days:)

    @Sequindreams~ Aww your too kind,thank you thou:)I love cranberry and vodka,so refreshing:)
    The blush isn't very vivid but its can be if you apply too much.

    @Keely Valentine~Thanks,they are two of my favourite purchases recently:)



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