Friday, 5 March 2010

Whats in my make up bag? and outfit and make up shot from Saturday.

:O Sorry for disappearing,I am back but Im going to London on Saturday only for the day so not gone for long:D I will be catching up on peoples post and comments tomorrow and Sunday:)
So Bloomzy posted a post about whats in her make up bag recently and mentioned that she'd like to see mine.
I already had a inside my make up bag post but it needed to be revised really so here it is .

 My everyday make up ,omitting the top right corner(MAC fluidline and paint pot)  if I'm going to work.
For everyday none work thou,this is what I used,plus some false lashes,either MAC#7 or some cris cross ones I have:)

  • 1.Candydoll powder
  • 2.NYX concealer in  jar "fair"
  • 3.Revlon Colour stay~"ivory"
  • 4.Dior Ultra Mat~"100"
  • 5.Embryolisse lait-creme concentre
  • 6.MAC blush in"Well Dressed"
  • 7.Maybelline Colossal Mascara
  • 8.MAC paint pot in "Painterly"
  • 9.Panasonic heated Eyelash curler(Love this!)
  • 10.MAC Fluid line in "Blacktrack"
  • 11.MAC eyeshadow in "Sable"
  • 12.MAC palette in "Padamonium eyes"
  • 13.Shiseido eyebrow pencil in "Dark Brown"
  • 14.NYX eyebrow powder
LIPS:My lip products are  carried arround with me so there below,but I usually use either Barry-m lipstick in 100/MAC Pinkfish lip balm/YSL #7 topped with either MAC C-thru or Candydoll Lipgloss:D

Also in my everyday makeup bag but not everyday items,I just keep them there for easy access.

Then on to the rest of the collection:O



Inspired by the bright make up I saw recently I tried out some of my old eyeshadows:)

Now from Saturday......
Oh dear I was rather merry/drunk(as you can see from Twitter),it was suppose to be a fancy dress,so I was just going to go in something posh/fancy but decided last min to try something agejo-ish

  Hair~Wanted to curl it but ran out of time,.in fact I ended up doing my hair at the party:O

Make up
Haven't done my lower liner like that for a very long time:O
Damn flash makes me crazy pale and brow less:O

and I got a new camera:O(Panasonic Lumix TZ-6) lol it probably no different from my sister's but it definitely an improvement on my old one:O




  1. Wow! I love all your makeup (ALL of it--you have so much!) and your hair is really pretty. You look like someone who would be totally fun to party with. You have a great look going on! :)

  2. You know I think your hair is amazing & I love your outfit too! <3
    How is the MAC eyeliner btw? I'm always on the hunt for a great liner, haha~

  3. That's even more than I have.I only got 2 lip gloss and I don't even have any eyelashes.

  4. Wow you have so much make up! I loving your outfit :)

  5. Your make-up haul is amazing, you have so much!!
    I am really impressed by the amount of lashes haha XD

    Love the new hair and make style, suits you.

  6. This post is so awesome, I love seeing all the items you like to you. But it makes me feel my collection is so inadequate haha^^

    Do you prefer liquid foundation to cream foundation?

    You look super cute and cool in that outfit, the vest is really nice! Your eyemake and lashes are great too^^

  7. eeee!!! I love that look on you <3 <3 <3 Also please come over and do my make-up ^_~ LOL Finallly a girl who can compete with make-up loot! I love seeing this kind of gluttony! <3

    We have the same MAC blush. ^_^

    ...and as always yay for kitties!

  8. @HANA~I probably ought to have a make up cull:O
    Lol Thank you ,can't say for certain that I am fun to party with but I've never had an complaints though.I enjoy doing this look,just wish I could wear it more without having a party for an excuse,but sadly my little backwards town isn't ready for it.

    @sequindreams~Thank you:)Your always too kind.I have 2 MAC liners and I really like them both.Ones pencil and the others Gel,the gel one I LOVEEEE and the pencil one I think is very good.However I only use it for touch ups or tight lining.

    @Princess Mickey~:OYou need lahes!!I think everoyone does!
    my collections is abit too big,I've been collecting for a while thou now.

    @Clairy~Thank you,yerr I kinda need a to cull my collections abit.

    @bloomzy~Thank you:D I can't seem to stop buying lashes,it was almost a problem but i seem to curb it.Only recently brought my Dollywinks and some cheap criss cross ones from ebay.

    @SariMari~Thank you,I like seeing other ppls collections too:)
    I've not really used cream foundation if Im honest,but i do like my liquid alot.

    @Mitsu~Thank you,I really want to do that style more,I love agejo hair styles!:OI probably suck at doing other peoples make up,but thank you and i would love to do your make up,thou you do a good job at it yourself anyways:D
    I love that MAC blush,its just wonderful,and lol at yay kitties!!

  9. omg your hair and makeup are killer!!! i absolutely love it! please do my makeup.. hehehe and i really love your outfit from saturday too..

    those ramen noodles look mighty tasty



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