Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Intensely bright make up ,anyone?

Bit of a different post today,althought I actually wrote this out on Monday my computer crashed and I had to rewrite most of it TOT

So I completely forgot about this,but recently Shrinkle launched her make up brand Sugarpill.I was checking her blog for update and saw the site was up.



I was pretty excited about this brand anyways and after watching some reviews on youtube  I really want to try it  now:O It looks so awesome!I want one of the glittter stickers too:O

I suppose I don't seem the type to like bright make up but...

During my 6th form/A level years ( about 6 years agoTAT) I really got into bright make up and used to search the internet looking for inspiration and brands to try.So I'd tried what the uk had to offer except for some that where either too expensive at the time or where from a company that I knew the quality would be crappy.

To cut a long story short I began using theatrical make up as it was insanely bright.I ended up trying Kryolan which I brought from Shrinkle's ebay store  I was attrached to the brightness and her photos of her using them(shes so skilled!!).I do still use my Kryolan's if alittle negleated:O

Now to decided what I'd buy:O

I don't have many pinks in my collection however I don't often wear them either.

I'm always drawn to the purple first ,this one looks like a lovely blue based one which I am always hunting for!However I do own a few purple already:S
I have too many blues!Far too many.This is such a lovely looking blue though,fresh
Although I'm not really drawn to this green,its nice but I'd prefer the purple.I have hardly any green eyeshadows though.
I love silvers,this one looks gorgeous.
I don't own any golds,I usually shy away from them as I don't really like gold as a colour or even as jewelery.I wear silver,think it looks better on my skin.I am tempted by this though.

Which one do you think I should try?Which ones do you like?Are you into bright make up?
I'm leaning towards the green pressed shadow and either one of the loose shadows as I'd like to get one of each to compare:)

Just if anyones interested.heres a list of Companies that I know do bright make up.
(No pictures of me using my products as I can't seem to find my disk with my old make ups)


Barry-m~British made company (Have tried~Love)I've got a few of their Dazzledusts which are super bright:O as are their polishes.Affordable and good quality
(My dazzledusts forgot to photo my polishes~I have loads though)

Sleek~(have tried~like)They have a few bright products,i think some loose dust(?) some lippies ,and then the super neon ACID palette which is crazy bright though alittle chalky.


Stargazer~(haven't tried their eyeshadows but tried the polishes and lipsticks)Can't really comment on this brand as its been ages since I used it last.


Kryolan~(have tried~LOVE ITXD)I have 7 eyeshadow,2 aqua colours and a neon aqua colour palette which is UV reactive:D Althought admittedly alittle under used recently since my love of neutrals came about .They are amazing.RECOMMENED PLACE TO BUY:Shrinkle
(I had more that I thought:O)

Ben Nye~(have tried~LOVE ITXD)I have 3 of their Grande Lumiere eyeshadows as they where until recently abit difficult to get hold of. RECOMMENED PLACE TO BUY:UK  Screenface Rest of world:Not sure,sorry.
Sugar Pill~(haven't tried but would like toXD)The products on offer look good~matte bright coloursXD and the reviews look promising.

OCC/Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics~(haven't tried but would like to)I remember reading about this company months ago but kinda forgot them until Magdalena posted on her blog about their lip tars.

Medusa Make up~(haven't tried)Looks interesting.


MUFE~(haven't tried~would like)Extremely difficult to get here the UK.:(

Urban Decay ~(haven't tried~would like to)

Illamasqua  ~(haven't tried~would like to)

Some other companies that have brights~MAC,NARS,Anna Sui .I didn't really mention them becuase their more known.

I think I covered most if not all the companies,theres probably loads more stateside though:O


  1. omg I love all of them!! <3
    I briefly browsed the Sugarpill website when you linked it on twitter, but omg so many great colours!
    I've heard of Ben Nye make too~ I was so amazed to find out it was like clown makeup, haha! Michelle Phan showed a pretty nice palette on her youtube page. & the Stargazer one looks nice!
    Can't wait to see how you play with the ones you got though~! :)

  2. I am not cool or brave enough to wear such awesome makeup, but I do find it sooo cute! Thank you for introducing all those brands and the reviews^^

  3. Lovin' the bright shades. I really wish I could carry them off D:

    I've tried pink, blue and green...the latter seems to work best for me, but I don't think bright colours suit me due to my fair skin lol

  4. I am such a make-up wussy but I love seeing these bright colors in use. Like Romihi in yellow from a few issues ago <3

  5. PURPLE!!!!!! I used to be really into bright, high pigments back in college & up till a few years ago and purple was always the first to draw me in too! Go for the gold too (hurr Olympics humor~ ;P ) I used to buy tons of gold powder eyemake. Geez... this makes me want to bust out my old shades! I'm all neutral boring brown now D:

    I've used Urban Decay. Decently pigmented and really good palette choices for vivid shades! Plus matching liners~

  6. Ah, I used to be a bright shade junky when I was younger (fans of similar brands!) but now I am more into neutral colors etc. Still gotta love some of the brighter effects, esp for a night out!

    P.S. Linking you on my blog roll :)

  7. Wooow! Looks really interessting!
    Especially the golden one! I guess that would be the one that I'd buy♥

  8. Honestly I`m not a big fan of such crazy colors on my eyes, but I am going to experiment with crazy lips :DDD

    BTW, have you seen this:



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